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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Cool as a Cumberbun

Making plans for the sweetest blog ever. All the plans I am sharing here with Eva are in this here Composition book. I had the best dream last night. I met Tavi Gevinson of Style Rookie blog.  Her blonde hair was growing out from her platinum dye job and she and I started talking about cool clothes and hanging out. Then I woke up and realized that I have a trunk show this Friday.

I am cool as a ________? I am zoomed in pretty good but MEH I know it's just not tricky enough.

Check it out! Jeffrey is my right hand man. He has some down time so I reeled him in to my lair of clutchdom.

These here labels we custom made on our sewing machines. It's just tedious. 

I could intimidate a sailer when I am working on these clutches.  We refine one thing and then another problem spot pops it's little head.  I put on Vivaldi to calm me down.  I would love to say these clutches are easy, but they are not. They are very time consuming.  Sewing the decorative zippers on the outside used to be like trying to get dressed underwater, but now they are easier after Jeffrey refined the construction!  Woops, Jeffrey's genius is showing again!   He simplified it major! Thank you Jeffrey!  Right now, I am breaking for lunch. Honestly, I am ready for more clutches. I am in a groove.  I know the others will come together easier.  Lack of tennis is not helping either!

This is a hint of the upcoming blog.  This is Jeffrey and I drinking espresso in Rome, Italy in 1994 after we graduated Architecture college.  Not married yet.  Best way to drink espresso is standing and using tiny nickel spoons to put sugar in!

This the SANCTUARY RESORT AND SPA here in Paradise Valley Arizona where I will be a vendor for the Spa Girls event this coming Friday.  Members are paying $150 to be in attendance. I cannot wait!

Elements. This is where I will be Friday night when I am done with my show.  Elements is fine dining at the SANCTUARY.  Did I tell you that Mom is helping me sell my clutches. I love you Mom!

Cool as a cumberbun.


pip a la chic said...

Your so stunning Lara! Good luck in Friday, that's really cool your Mum is helping you out as well.

Devon said...

Wow! Rome! I'd love to go there! Maybe some day if I win the lottery (except I don't play).

Sounds like you have quite the weekend lined up! Have fun!!

Teresa said...

Oh my! That restaurant looks amazing! What a wonderful backdrop to dine to!

Unknown said...

So cool, SO FRIGGIN COOL!!!! Cool as a _____!? Dunno the right word, but know that I want one!!! Give your Mum love from me(and Jeffrey-he deserves some too) for helping!

Sam Harvey said...

I am touched by your comments! I feel so lucky to know you all my pip a la chic, my bestie westie and now lovely teresa! like how i stopped using caps all together. you all have a lovely day!

Sam Harvey said...

Hi Nen,
Thank you for stopping by. Let's have virtual tea together. Say hi to the chickens for me! All the love!