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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Day Trip in Sedona

I do love doing what I do.  I just got back from Sedona and I want to tell you all about it.  Go get a Coke with ice and some of those chili cheese Fritos because I have a ton of photos.

I listened to Israel Kamakawiw 'Ole the entire up and back journey.  When I snapped this, Somewhere Over the Rainbow was playing.  Isreal sounds like Al Jarreau with a ukelalie. This helped when I was white knuckling it through the clouds.

Just before you see the Red Rock of Sedona. Looks like this.

The "Oh Wow" didn't really work this time because of the cloudage.

Home of the alien lovers. I am not kidding.

Here is Sedona married to T.C. Schnebly in 1897.  Photo from Images of America, Sedona.  Yes, I am a nerd.

First stop was at Enchantment Resort, Mii amo Spa.  Checking up on the signature SAM HARVEY bags at the boutique.  Had a wonderful meeting with Kelly Dunagan Johnson.  She wants SAM HARVEY orange leather clutches for mii amo!

This is me waiting in the wings before the meeting.

The rock walls were shimmering with rain water shedding off in all different red rock grooves.

This is the same rock but just towards the end of last summer.  See how I did that. Pretty shlick aye!

This shot can only be taken hiking through Boyton Canyon. Which I did several months ago. This resort is secretly hidden in this amazing Red Rock canyon.

Are you feeling the love yet? On the trail.

Highway A89 on my way to Hummingbird House.  Been visiting Sedona since 1986 and never heard of the place.  Mary Garland told me to go. 

The Coca-Cola photo in the beginning is the Hummingbird House.  It was closed due to flooding so I went to the shops at Hyatt where they temporarily relocated.  Perfect place for SAM HARVEY bags. I want to do a humming bird bag.  Yes, I am all over the place.  Like a hummingbird.

Even the barbed wire is red.  Now you can sleep tonight.

This is where I had lunch. I wanted a local place with healthy food that I would not fix at home.

Did I mention you can get your aura reading, find vortexes and eat some awesome vegan food in Sedona?

ChocolaTree Live Organic Vegatarian Eatery.  Lunch was awesome.

Where else can you get crystal, candle and fresh flowers at your table for lunch?

I bought one of each.  I did save some for you.

I didn't forget kokopelli...

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