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Friday, September 16, 2011

Beards with Long Goats

Did I tell you how much I love the smell of Dove soap? Oh crap it is not Dove it is Dial.  Isn't it the same damn soap anyway?!  I should just carve a hole into my bar of soap and where it around my neck. I LOVE IT! Well I bought it for my jacket that I am still making.  You have to smear some Dove or other cheap ass soap on the seam before you iron it.  I think because the soap has a waxy texture it fuses the fabric really nicely. Being the nob that I am I tried it.  Works awesome.  Doesn't my jacket look amazing! This photo was taken about 2 or 3 weeks ago.  It doesn't even look like this now.  Just looking at these old photos makes me feel so accomplished.  Right now the jacket looks pretty much like it could be in the storefront of Chanel in Beverly Hills.  It is so bomb I really can't stand it. 

Me hand sewing the seam over the seam with carefully trimmed layers. I actually had to wait to go further until I ordered this corner miter iron wood gazapiz thing.  This jacket is flawless.  I actually wait and think about things.  So not Lara.

These two babies are what I waited for to go further to turn this mutha out.  NO I am not going to tell you step by step process - really you don't even want to know.  Just the knowing of it all will make me levitate when I wear this jacket.  The thing that sucks is that I haven't even started on the skirt.  The skirt will be way easier but STILLLLLLLLLLL. HMMMMHUH.  Goats will grow long gruffy beards before I finish this thing.

I will show you an update photo of the jacket soon.  You can chew on this image for a while.  NO, I am not going to take a photo for you now, it is dark now and you know how I hate flash photography. Why do I have a mesquito bite all of a sudden? 

This is the coolest thing that happened to me yesterday.  I was standing in Buckeye Valley in front of Pat Rovey's front door.  I had finally been invited to somebody's home in Buckeye.  I was really happy while I was driving to her house. She is such a sweet lady.  She has been a farm girl all her life.  Her parents built their 80 acre property originally in Phoenix when 19th Avenue was a dirt road.  She told me how she used to watch the gypsies in wagons come and go when the original Rovey farm was located on Bethany Home. I initially met Pat when I was presenting the Park and Ride Project to the Buckeye Chamber of Commerce.

 On my way out there I was imagining a solid built farm house. I was not disappointed when I found the 2 very tall palm trees that she had said to look for.  The charming yellow house with gray trim was partially hidden with trees so full and tall, like they had been there forever.  I wanted to wander around but I knew we had business to discuss. Too top secret to say right now.  As I walked by her flower cushioned bench outside the open screened window I could hear the ladies inside saying "Oh there she is now!".

Pat had military green rubber boots sitting outside her front door.  I loved that too.

This post is for Glenn, who called tonight and made me want to post. Thanks Glenn with 2 "n's"! 

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Devon said...

have you finished the jacket yet? i would love to see the finished product!! and heck, the skirt even!