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Thursday, April 29, 2010

You Look Hot Wearing a Headband


This clip from The Owl and the Pussycat is another movie my Dad made me watch.  I remember being 9-ish and creeping out of my bed to spy on my Dad watching tv late at night. A couple nights he would let me stay up with him and watch a movie.  I remember how proud he was when there were funny parts. Like it was all worth the wait.  I think I just liked that I was staying up late with Dad.  I was part of the exclusive stay up late club with Dad.  Dad had a never ending stream of classic movies that I had to watch. This is definitely right up there with One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, The Shining, Cannery Row and Jaws to name a few of his favorites.

This movie is hilarious. Segal plays the part of a stuffy author and Streisand plays a prostitute that lives next door to him.  I love how Streisand makes Segal stay up all night because she can't sleep.  I forgot why, but she ends up at his apartment for the night and just drives him crazy.  I love when she says "Hey Tinka Bell!".  It reminds me how my friend Jenny and I love to annoy our friend Adam. People like Adam don't want you to know that they love the attention.

Head Band

Like my big o' tube socks.  The more old skool the betta!

Hot Mess

This is a hot mess that I found in my house yesterday. Why Eva decided to emty the entire craft cabinet is beyond me. It did need to get a clean out.  Oh and then to add a cool water color effect, Lily comes along and spills her water all over the colored paper.

Rock me like a HURRICANE, Scorpions- can we make that count?

We cannot have a post on "H" without Hermes.  It is pronounced like this, air-maize.  Not like hermit.

Hermes, Fall 2010,

This is just stunning.  The leather coat looks like it is made out of chocolate. The whole thing I could eat right up.  Jeffrey thinks I wouldn't wear the hat, but I would.  The orange is wonderful.  Orange as used soley as prison garb has come a long way, don't you think?  It is funny how this particular shade of orange mixed with this particular shade of brown means "I Win".

Harajuku Lovers

Harajuku Lovers t-shirt worn by Lily and I am having Hot Tea.  Double H's. Snaps for me.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Looking at the World Thru Gucci Glasses

Gucci Aviator Glasses, 

Did you come up with some G words for today?  I did. Totally random groups of things. Let's see how it will fit together.  These aviators are so sweet and nerdy. I would look totally intimidating on the tennis courts with these.

Benny Goodman playing Moon Glow

This song makes me think of having breakfast in Kathy Ireland's kitchen in Santa Barbara eating cut up bananas and other healthy shit off of Fiestaware.  But she would be gone for the weekend and leave the house to me.   Oh, now the song is getting all jivy and crazy. Now Benny and I are chasing seagulls on the beach. I am using his clarinet as a shovel to dig a sand castle.  Now he is chasing me.  His toupee just blew away into the ocean.  He is really crazy and sun burnt chasing me. Oh, I just jumped into the waves and he can't swim.  So I am doing some body surfing and really loving it. The end. Goodbye. 


G-Star, Marla Boehr, Spring 2010

Benny Goodman is wearing this fish print suit as he is chasing me on the beach and totally sun burnt.  Can you feel the hype. If you are a man reading this, aren't you glad you know me so you can run out and buy this?  I'm just wanting my friends to keep up.

G-Star, Marla Boer, Spring 2010

Maybe this is more your level?  The shoes are just right!  Looks like a dapper pair of bowling shoes hmmmm? The least you could do is to tuck your socks into the pant leg.  Or you could tuck your pant leg into your socks. I think I must zoom into that smoldering hot sports coaty.

G-Star, Marla Boehr, Spring 2010

This jacket looks blue and metallic. I think the detailing is fantastic. It is weathered but not too overly obvious to the point of looking cheap. 

G-Star, Marla Boehr, Spring 2010

I love denim.  I am not even going to say bolero.  Bolero jacket, that word needs to go into the vault.  How about munchee jacket.

G-Star, Marla Boehr, Spring 2010,

This is the first dropped crotch that I would wear. Very cool indeed.  Love all this blue.

G-Star, Marla Boehr, Spring 2010

Antoni Gaudi

Detail of Staircase, wrought iron, Antoni Gaudi, Ediciones Poligrafa

Gaudi was an architect and artist from Spain.  He had a father that was a coppersmith who inspired him to think in 3 dimensions at a young age.

Antoni Gaudi, Ediciones Poligrafa, Casa Batllo,

It amazes me that this home was designed by Gaudi in 1904! I can only imagine what Edith Wharton would think?  Talk about your tiled roofs.  I need to see this. I am surrounded by boring hum drum pre manufactured tiled roofs here in this desert climate. It is like designers have forgotten to rethink a tiled roof. 

Here is my sketch from yesterdays kickoff meeting to design a new house for one of our neighbors.


It felt so good to be thinking of spaces to design. I just started bubbling while Jeffrey and I were listening to our future clients fantasize about what they wanted.  This is called a bubble diagram.  Way to early to start designing but this is how I synthesis what they are saying.

Gosh, these gumdrops are good.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Fantastic F

Invisible Woman of Fantastic Four, Marvel Comics

This is the dress I am working on. When I wear this, I will be able to render myself wholly or partially invisible at will. I will also be able to render other people or objects invisible, affecting up to forty thousand cubic feet of volume.   Should I make the black rubber long gloves too? TOTALLY!

Fun with Friends

Me and Denise Tallman doing beads on a Sunday.

Denise and Eva. Eva's necklace came out so nice. She didn't want to put it on in the car on the way home because she just wanted to fawn over it. Denise was so sweet with Eva, so patient.  MuShu the pug was a love too.  Thanks for a fun time Denise!


Feeding Time

Ferrigamo, Fall 2010 Salvatore Ferragamo

If I have to wear a suit, I want this one. I love the socks with the heels., Fall 2010 Salvatore Ferragamo

Let's just do a body slam over this ensemble. OK ready..... BODY SLAM!

Such a fun day today. I was a designated mom at the Wild Animal Zoo today in Litchfield Park, Arizona. I have to say I am exhausted in a good way.  I shot that video today of the girls feeding the giraffe.  It was really cool to watch Lily and her "pack" of friends.  They were so happy to be together and sharing the good times.  When Lily was in the aquarium with Tatum she said, "I have never seen you like this Tatum!". They are so used to seeing each other just the classroom setting.  I cannot believe I have a child that taunts the boys to chase her at the playground!  Who taught her to say Nana Nana Boo Boo?! Isn't there an updated version of saying "Hey You! I am over here!".  Lily and I are so wiped that Otter Pops aren't even making us hyper.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Elegance is Easy




My Edith Wharton look for Friday night dinner.  I changed it to black and white because the orange ribbon on the blouse looked weird with the khaki skirt.  Look at Lily's toes all turned up. Munchie. 



Electrician - hmmm how'd that get in there?



I made this skirt about 5 years ago.  I was ENGROSSED in EDWARDIAN Victorian full skirts.  I put on the white long sleeve with a white t shirt to go to Cynthia's for dinner. I thought my Gibson Girl blouse would be over the top. Too much explaining.  The belt looks just like Edith's.  Isn't is refreshing to see Central Phoenix, doesn't look like Arizona.  If you drive about 45 minutes from my house this is what it looks like on Friday nights for me.


Edith Wharton

Edith Wharton smoking, at a picnic at Lenox in about 1905, Edith Wharton, Hermione Lee

Edith was like the Martha Stewart in the 1900's but better. Oops did I say that?  Well, she designed her own mansions during the Guilded Age. She wrote the Age of Innocence and House of Mirth.  I began digging her up when I was reading about Kykuit, the Rockefeller estate in Tarrytown, New York. On a personal level, I think she was quite miserable but when it came to her abodes, man did she think big.  I love the grandeur of her homes, and to think that she had the old money and deep pockets to set forth her plans for living large.  I worked with someone like her on an architectural project in Paradise Valley. I won't say any names but he is a huge force in the design of estates for the elite class here in Arizona.  I admire and learn from people like that. The ones whe are born and steeped into a life of wealth and privilage. When they become designers then the wealthy want to have them aid the ones who are technically skilled.  It can be a great combination if your ego doesn't get smashed in the process.  

Well getting back to Edith.  She co-authored a book with Ogden Codman Jr. in 1897 called The Decoration of Houses. This was the bible for anyone who didn't have a clue about taste but had the money to have it all. The book is terribly boring. I will read it probably never. I just like having it.  You have to visit a place like Kykuit to appreciate the simplicity of the design. Edith was against gingerbready Victorian detail.  Here is an exerpt from The Decoration of Houses

Charming as the Italian villa is, it can hardly be used in our Northern States without certain modifications, unless it is merely occupied for a few weeks in mid-summer; whereas the average French or English country house built after 1600 is perfectly suited to our climate and habits. The chief features of the Italian villa are the open central cortile and the large saloon two stories high. An adaption of these better suited to cold climate is to be found in the English country houses built in the Palladian manner after its introduction by Indigo Jones.  

Gawd, I just found a typo in this book. I am not kidding!  

Now you want me to add a photo of the Rockefeller estate don't you.  You want to know why I would dig up this Edith. Ok.... I will be right back.  You are just something else...

Kykuit, The House and Gardens of the Rockefeller Family

See the modern painting? That was Abbey's son Nelson who collected art just like his mother.  I love the modern art in this very classic statement here. Anyway, Codman had a heavy hand in the design of this house. It was a hot mess for a while and then they brought him in and he added refinement. Of course in between his living abroad and his extensive travels. He was definitely not one to watch the cookies bake. You know what I'm saying.  Over and out. 


Thursday, April 22, 2010

Raise Your Hand if You Like D


All things that inspire me that start with das D.

Disney's Incredibles, Edna Mode

Lara Mode



Diane von Furstenberg


Darth Vader

Digital Camera

Deep Purple
Villa d'Este

Dropped Crotch Pants

Discreet Frills


Textile View Magazine Issue 89, page 148. Robert Rowland, photo.

David Shah the genius behind View says Doily is just one of the fabrics to look to for Summer 2011 for womenswear.    "Out goes Haute-rock biker jackets, studs, 9 inch heels and aggressive hard line backs for an altogether softer approach to womenswear spearheaded by pastels, liquid fabrics, drape and sheerest of sheers." - David Shah 

Dew Drops

Summer 2011: Ease Makes for Freshness, Textile View Magazine Issue 89

Dew Drops as a color grouping inspired this whole post.  David Shah references minimalised Bauhaus looks.  I decided to dust off my Bauhaus book by Fiedler and Feierabend to get inspired on my Costco Medieval castle rug.  Shah must have been reaching to think that Dew Drops is Bauhaus.  Yes, Bauhaus is minimal but it also has a lot of color!  Maybe he was thinking of the white box looking buildings that came out of that vein of thought.  No I am not showing examples of Le Corbusier's white box architecture.  That could be another post.  I do like the idea of toning down my closet.  I am ready for more whites.

Villa Savoye, Poissy, Le Corbusier Ideas and Forms

You made me do it! You just had to see Le Corbusier. You are such a pusher!  Now you can sleep well tonight knowing how the color palette Dew Drops fits with Bauhaus.  My architecture professors literally drilled a section of our brains open and dropped this house in it for us to worship for all. time. I do like how the columns line up with the window mullions. Don't you love too how the size of the mullions gets thinner to make the already thin columns look more substantial below.  It is genius. Wouldn't wanna be yah.




Laszio Moholy-Nagy, Dolls. 1926-1927, Bauhaus

Took an entire year to master this photo of dolls? I'm just sayin'!  It's like, hmmm, this month I will try to cock this one's head to the left in afternoon light of 12:34pm rather than yesterday at 3:12pm.  Creepy in a good way.


Herbert Bayer, Design rough for a poster. 1923, Bauhaus

See the use of color here.  Shah, are you paying attention?



Dynamic Shapes

Da Vinci

Leonardo da Vinci 1519, Da Leonardo a Canaletto Disegni delle Gallerie dell'Accademia

I actually breathed next to this drawing by Da Vinci when Jeffrey and I were in Florence, Italy.  I remember wanting to seal that vision in my membrane for all time.  Kinda looks like John Locke from LOST. 

Drawing Class

Drawing Class using a movable model. About 1932, Bauhaus.

Raise your hand if you like D.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

My Dad Had a Friend Named Craig

You must be catching on by now. Yes, I am using the A, B, C's to kind of get me to stop watching my cookies bake. It is working. I guess these things work in 3's because today is the third day of thinking of things to get my mind off the other crap for a while.  I was cleaning some old files in my personal file cabinet and thumbed past a hanging file with no tab on it. I recognized it as the "Dad" file.  In it, is the only thing left that he wrote. I threw everything else out when he died because it was crap.  This however I have never sat down and read all the way.  I just intuitively knew it was a keeper. Look what Dad wrote in the introduction.

As I thumb through this book, I realize what a extremely sensitive soul my Dad was.  I especially love how Dad had a friend that he did crazy shit with like go to In n Out Burger and sit in the parking lot and belch out their car window for all to hear and then crack up. Here is a sample for you from "Here's to Next Time" by Robert Nep, my Dad.

"Man, would you just check that smell!" He groaned. Not another word was spoken for about five minutes. All that could be heard was the crumbling of waxed paper and the crunching of french fries. Together with the sounds of swallowing and slurping milk, the efforts of the gum commercial on the radio didn't stand a chance.  Craig nearly swallowed his first two cheeseburgers whole. Now, on his third, he took his time and savored every morsel. He slowed down his voracious tearing and chewing long enough to say, "Gawd, I needed this."  A well eaten meal found us slouched in the seats, groaning and holding our stomachs. We put the oily papers and soiled napkins in the box and sat contentedly, listening to the radio.

My Dad's best friend, Craig 1966

Robert Nep, my Dad in 1966

 I am ready now. Probably becuase I am writing more.  Looking for new material you know.  My Dad really could write.  I like this story becuase he wrote in 1966 before I was born and it is all type written. He has little neat corrections in the margins.  After steaming ahead already at chapter 2 I am hooked. It is a tale of his last midnight run with his friend Craig before they were both parting their ways for college and Air Force.  Now I know why I like Super Bad the movie so much. My dad was super bad!  To imagine that at that time drive thru windows were a novelty.  Why did they drink milk with their burgers? Sounds nasty.

I know I am reaching on this one but I can talk about Dad's story because his friend's name starts with the letter C.

On with the C's for today's post. Hell, if the A, B, C thing is working then milk it!  The jobs are pouring in.

Cannery Row
Crayola Chalk Art

It was too quiet yesterday in the house so I went to look for the girls and I could hear giggling outside Lily's window.  This is what they were doing. They totally didn't know I took this photo.

Lily in her new bike helmet.


The Book, Neiman Marcus, page 24, Chanel

I love the chunky clogs. Totally prone to make you fall on your ass and break your ankle but hey, they are nice to look at!



Textile View2 Magazine Issue 07

I love how this color palette was derived from the colors of a bee hive. That's really using the waxer.

Chambray Shirts

Textile View2 Magazine Issue 07

Just tell me who wouldn't want to wear soft chambray everyday? Especially when you are going on Midnight Run with Craig. Gawd, this crap is starting to tie together. Look.

Christian Dior


 The Clash

The video didn't paste, but you get the idea...

I think The Clash spirit was probably what my Dad was feeling on aMidnight Run with Craig. Away from responsibilities and parents.


Captain Marvel


Chronicles of Narnia





Cup Cakes

Colorful Chairs

Photo by Lara


Check out my swatches for my coat! I am going with the bright white! I am so stoked! It is so pretty, I cannot imagine adding big military pockets on the jacket. We shall see.

Textile View2 Magazine Issue 08

Here are my two favorite coats, Louis Vouitton and Burberry.

Whenever you think of something good, well write it down.  Use lipstick.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Bread & Butter

Farrow & Ball, The Art of Color, Coleman.

All the things that start with "B" and make me say WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOPAH! Like this ceiling painted BLUE.

Betty Cocker

Bakugan - Not really inspiring, but I like to say BAHHHKUGANNNNNNNN  and annoy middle school children.

Bacon Friar



Bamboo forests

Beacon Hill, Boston

Beacon Hill, Boston. Photographer, me, Lara.  This is the only street that has grass growing. It is a magical place, Beacon Hill.  I want to go there right now and water color some tiny front entry with the gas lamp fires dancing in the late dusk hour.  I am wearing the shiny Burberry trench and guarding the intersection as Mrs. Mallard crosses the grassy street wih her ducklings Jack, Kack, Lack, Mack, Nack, Ouack, Pack and Quack.  You should read a child "Make Way for Ducklings" by Robert McCloskey. Charming book about ducks making it work living in Beacon Hill! 

Two special people that I love, Jeffrey my husband and Janny, my Aunt who lives in Boston. Look at Lily's munchy hair. Eva is wearing the pink hat. Guess who is playing the part of photographer in Beacon Hill?


Bert, from Mary Poppins

Brand Strategy - I know I want one, that's a start!


Billabong clip from This is where I buy all my wetsuits dudes! DUDE. TOTALLY.


I took this photo at the Seattle Tacoma International Airport‎. Black vessels on black steps.


Boy George


Burberry Porsum Spring 2010 Ready to Wear,

Up close. Folded, draped and good for the soul!

Burberry Porsum Spring 2010 Ready to Wear,

Up close. Can you feel the love I have for his. Let's take a moment to catch our breath here for a moment. I love you shiny trench coat of super fine roller coaster joy rides. Between you and I, let's ditch the belt OK.

Beach House

Robert A.M. Stern, Architect. Archtectural Digest

Now I am snuggled in that beach house bed reading Make Way for Ducklings to Eva, Lily and Jeffrey.  Somehow we all fit.


Breyers Ice Cream

This is what I found last night when I opened my freezer. Oh Lil! Now that it is getting hotter in the desert, Lily, my 6 year old sweet girl will start to put her favorite toys in the freezer so they don't get heat stroke.

I do love bed covers too. I want a different bed cover for each season. Hell, how about every month. Do it. Click.

What starts with the letter B and makes you say WOOOOOOPAH!