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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Black with an Orange Zipper

We are back from our Christmas in Washington with Nana and Papa.  Erik my brother was there too which made it crazy fun.  There were many BEST parts.

1. Walking 4 miles in the rainy mist with Jeffrey.
2. Me playing drums and Erik playing base at EMP.
3. Swedish Pancakes at Oak Table twice!
4. Mom's house smelling like meat all day...
5. Watching Oceans and falling asleep.
6. Learing how to knit *you know I couldn't NOT have a project!*
7.  Drinking coffee all day.
8. Wearing rain boots.
9. Being cold.
10.  Playing tennis in a bubble dome.

Tonight I FINALLY *LET'S EMPHASIS FINALLY* started my new zipper bag prototype.  I am making the first one for Ron.  He can use it for toiletries. He likes to travel.  I am going black with gray and then an orange zipper.  I hope he is at the New Year's Party tomorrow.  It is the only way I will get this damn thing done is to give myself a deadline.  Notice how this cheesy ass pink sweater from Costco is now my "designing a new bag" uniform.   It should be easy right? RIGHT?!  I said I would make a chocolate sponge cake from Julia Child too for New Years. 
Eva making a Birthday card for Uncle Ron.

Not anybody has a "make your own bubble gum kit" next to their cereal. 

Oh Lil.

Friday, December 10, 2010

My What Green Eye Liner You Have

Nice arm rest ball thing?!

Um...that's why I have been so quiet.  Yuh see now!

The only outlet that works for my Sam Harvey card swiper is by my bed table.  I know what your thinking. NOW STOP IT!

Hot Wheels rule.

I mean really cool!  The runners are going into bags now!  Hah! Should I add a SAM HARVEY sticker to seal it?
I feel like celebrating!  I am closing in on the custom runners for the Sanctuary Resort and Spa.  I have a million mitered corners that could pass GO and collect $200 dollars but you know how you feel when you have a small amber popcorn sheath stuck in your back gum up against your tooth? It is annoying.  You try to unstuck it with your tongue for hours and then try to use your pinky nail to get it out but you know you have to get out the dental floss to free your mind.  YOU KNOW YOU HAVE TO!  These mitered corners need to be hand stitched down.  So I will retire to my sewing thrown on my mountain in the desert.  Let's see... 15 runners each having 8 corners. I am talking 4 corners but back and front. I cannot give these runners up yet.  They have to be perfect or I won't be able to live with myself. 

I really love when I am in the middle of a stitch and I can't get up to fast forward through Chinese people torturing each other over some ancient lantern. I bought this new audio book called The Emperor's Tomb. I bought it thinking I would get visual sensations of ancient worlds underground the Chinese provences.  I wanted to hear about archeological digs full of old chinese beads and broken lion statues and stuff but so far it is just water boarding torture.  Merry Christmas.  After spending just 5 minutes tying a knot to my needled thread I am not going to waste my time to fast forward through Hu Ching getting scalded by a fire pit below. WHATEVER! Cleopatra - A Life, is hard to top. Gawd that audio book was knock out good.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Hamburger Power

How much shit could this guy in front of me ordered? He is taking forever. I am waiting for my cheeseburger from In-n-Out Burger. This is my spare time for this week. Fabian just took my $2.25 and his hands looked a little to shimmery. Ew. The fry cutter is in love with me. Off to tennis to unleash the horror...

Friday, December 3, 2010

Ready or Not Here I Come!

Finished my 2,000 year long couture jacket project! Did I tell you how I hand stitched the interior lining during a car ride to Laguna Beach last summer!  You could find me stitching on a ferris wheel at the fair.  It fits really well.  I have to say that I felt like a queen yesterday wearing it.  It's first debut was Toys R Us.   I bought a shit load of Chanukah gifts for the kids. It felt really good.  I bought another Barbie for my collection.  After shopping, I wore it to an architecture City of Phoenix meeting too.

I had some boucle left so I am making a skirt to match.  I am so much faster now! I have tons of short cuts.  I am going to make a light turquoise knit top to go with it. For yesterday I just wore a white Michael Stars t-shirt and you guessed it...WOLFORD tights.

Ehhem, yes, there is the gold chain hand sewn  to the bottom hem of the coat.  CHANELISMS ARE RAD!  The gold buttons are brushed gold that I found at the LA Mood a couple of weeks ago.  I bought some more boucle. Oh it is so sweet. It is mostly black but a little pink thread weaved throughout.  It is crazy. I am really making my own clothes are actually wearing them!

I hang it while I drive so the seat belt strap doesn't snag the boucle.  That's just me.  The receptionist complimented me from her 16th floor outpost in the center of Phoenix and I just glowed! Wait till I finish the skirt.  Planets will align.

If I had a band it would be like the Breeders. TOTALLY.  But I would wear my tennis clothes.