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Monday, July 18, 2011

Walking with Jeffrey

Jeffrey PUSHES me to explore new sights on Vashon Island.  It is like Va as in Valley Girl and then Shawn. Jeffrey is always in the lead and I follow.  If it were up to him we would walk all day.  We were in Vashon Island last week.  It was a nice break from the dust filled brown skies and extreme heat here in Goodyear, Arizona, my hometown.

This is an expert from my travel journal when Jeffrey and I went to Europe in 1994.  This was my introduction to taking walks with Jeffrey.

We remember walking 20km (12 miles+/-) back to the hostel more than Ronchamp - The walk I will never forget, we walked through countryside, countless country homes and barking dogs.  We started our walk at 7:30(pm) and made it back at 11:30(pm) - we were sore for days. Then the next day we were off to Paris for Yes - more walking. - Lara Serbin *yes me* 1994

You better be loving these photos because I carried my lug camera for about 7 miles up steep terrain, drift wood, pebble strewn beaches and sewer manhole covers that were made in India. You could throw your chutney down there.

This just wreaks of "I have the most ripped wood shop you ever saw." My sentiments exaclty.
Here on this narrow quiet rode, I guess you need something that stands out.  
We are at our best when we are walking on a new road not knowing what to expect next.

This is my favorite one. Why you ask?  These folks most likely use the peanut butter thing at the grocery store that chews all the little peanuts together and then it comes gooping out into the clear plastic container.  These people don't buy pre-made peanut butter. You can't buy this.  They preserve their own stawberry jams too I bet. I love what the green is doing for the red and what the red is doing for the green.

This is right beside the mailbox. I mean what the HALO! This is so amazing I can't stand it!  STOP IT NOW! IT'S TOO GOOD FOR THIS BLOG. 

Somebody forgot to close it before it rained again.  I cannot believe you just said that!  Why do you want to see the rain drops! Ok fine. I will be back in a minute.  Only for you would I ever do this.  We are so close.

I guess you are right. It is cool to see the raindrops on the mail window thing.  It was amazing to see raindrops just sitting on things.  Rain drops don't sit in Goodyear. 

I didn't notice the old glove until I was back home working in my land of Photoshop.  I crop each one of these photos you see.  This is really a great example. I took this photo so fast.  I think these same people might of made the LOST sign coming up.


Random sign along the rode.  It is so twisting and densly wooded that they need these bright red maps along the way.  Jeffrey of course had his GPS Iphone working for us.  We were standing on the knee cap of this man shaped island.



Tracy Ewens said...

I loved this post. I was walking right there with you. Fantastic pictures, by the way, well worth the pain in your shoulder where the strap digs in. Hey, wait a minute, I buy the goopey peanut butter at the store and my mailbox is lame. It's this damn desert. Love you, love the blog.

Devon said...

what great pics... how fun! i have a boring, crappy mailbox!!

Red Boots said...

Great photos Lara, and a great description of your walk! I love mailboxes like that, sadly we don't have ones like that in this country. I'd like one though, just to be different! Maybe start a trend in the UK for them!

Katy said...

Mrs. Lara...

It's been so long since you have posted! I hope you are well!