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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Ritz Carlton Dove Mountain

This is where I was yesterday, yes, the Ritz Carlton Dove Mountain in Marana, Arizona.  I was taking a tour and dropping off a SAM HARVEY for Taylor at the Spa Boutique.  Fabulous!  It was a dream really!  This place was just open about a month ago.  It was pretty quiet, in that respect I felt like I was dreaming, like I had the whole place to myself.

Let me back up a bit. On my way there I stopped off at the Picacho DQ and found the Kit Carson coffee mug.  Do you ever crack yourself up? I actually laugh out loud when I am alone - quite often. Only some of you will get this I know. This is for you as promised!

All I need is the pink pill box hat.

I applaude the designer for having an Arizona library. The only problem is that the books are too high. Too showy.  A bit too too.

Here is the difference. This is the library at the Arizona Inn. The books are more accessible. You feel like you could actually curl up on the couch and read a book like Swiss Family Robinson with a nice cup of tea.  Yes, that is from experience babies!

The location for the Ritz is breath taking. This view is much better in person, trust me.  It is so hidden in the foothills it is impossible to even know it is there.  The name Marana has a whole new meaning for me now.

This the Spa building.  This boulder in a metal cage is really getting old out here in the west but ok, one more won't hurt I guess!

I thought it was cool how the architects used this cortin steel for the outdoor patios located at each Spa treatment room.

The designers did their homework because rusted steel shows up everywhere in downtown Tucson. This Ritz really is a Tucson Ritz.  I like that!

Oh yeah, this post is going to be long. But it is worth it! Just hang on a bit longer with me!  This is the Spa treatment rooms. I think it is awesome how the circulation is outdoors. I could just feel the heat in the summer inferno as I traipse from my body massage to the pool. 

Body deluge after the treatment. I know! I know!

This pool is only for Spa guests. Just sign me the hell up now!

Nobody was there!  Did I tell you some Alabama lady in the boutique thought I had an accent? She was a hoot.  She was afraid of rattle snakes. I told her they were all underground right now.

My next stop was Arizona Inn for lunch. I had Southwestern Grilled Cheese with black bean spread. I listened to some med. students jabber on and on and then some mature group gossiping about how their son was marrying into a hot mess.

Arizona Inn.  Still Number One in my book!  More tomorrow about how I found the arm bands!!!!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Old Pueblo Manana

I am just about ready for tomorrow's trip to the 'Ol Pueblo' or for those who don't know, Tucson, Arizona.  I am taking this here bag to the Arizona Inn for Patty Doar.  She owns this amazing Spanish Colonial Revival style Inn. It has been in the family since it's beginnings in 1927, when Isabella Greenway bought the property. 

This is the entrance to the largest residence that you can stay in. Most of the rooms are much smaller.  I haven't stayed in this one, but I bet the Rockefellers did. Yes, Junior and Abbey came to the Arizona Inn quite frequently. I love coming here anytime of the year. Summer is best because of the huge pool and ice cream sundays.

I am taking this Boxed Canyon tote 'Bolt' to Canyon Ranch.  This bag is specifically for Laura Hittleman per her request. I have never been so I promise to take some pics.

I am taking this Boxed Canyon tote to the Ritz Carlton Dove Mountain. This Ritz just opened up so I am curious to see what's up.  I am sure that nobody can beat Arizona Inn for the quaint feeling and charm. I am such a sucker for awnings and potted plants. What can I say.

This arm band is Tucson.  If I have time tomorrow I want to find  the shop on 4th Ave. to load up on these babies.  This thing is sick!  It is so art student, I wear burks to work, I glue plastic baby doll heads to my VW bus. That is the real Tucson that I know and love.

I did go to college there, so I have quite a photo library. This is downtown Tucson. Best thing to do is hop on a bike early in the morning and bring a camera already. Didn't I tell you, never leave without the digital dudes!

Yes, this is a bus stop!

I love these little mini pieces of grand architecture. I could just sit on those steps and pet some cats.

These are garbage cans on 4th Avenue. Bicycle bones all glued together. See what I told you, Tucson is chock full of funky artists. It's like Austin Texas but way cooler because it's a dry heat. 

If you are still reading this then you are really cool.  This is my favorite thing to read VIEW. It has all the latest fashion trends starting with Summer 2010 and Winter 2012. Hows that for planning ahead. I plan on reading this at Arizona Inn tomorrow while I sit on the veranda and have lunch.  Yip Yip Yipeeeeeeee!

Hey, if you want to purchase any of the bags you see in this post visit

Monday, February 22, 2010

Knee Highs and Camo

I dug this up in the New York Times over Sunday tea. I never thought I would tip my tennis visor at camo but.... Oh I think I am liking it.  I only like it when the skirts are high with those high dark socks and chunky sandals.  I must do it! 


Bolo tie is TIGHT! I think it might literally be too tight. Her face is ready to explode.  I wouldn't wear or design with camo but I would get myself started with Army greens for sure.  I am planning for Fall Collection. Indeed. I like that word indeed. Means yes you know!

 Loud applause for the flannel layer peaking out. Neutral gray is awesome, probably because I have greyish greenish eyes you know!  I think the fringe on the bag could have been deleted. Looks like she is carrying her mop to go clean up at Baskin Robbins.  The socks and chunky sandals I will dream about for now.

This one needs style coach in a bad way. I did buy this military vest from Uncle Sam's in New York. I will have fun with this.  If only she could loose the denim and put on a short mini with those socks and chunkies. She don't know betta...

I was also inspired by this photo of the Park Avenue Armory  in New York.  This is where I want to have a runway show for SAM HARVEY some day.  If you have some connections just shout to me baby!  Of course you know I cannot leave architecture out of the picture.

OK - let's just drool for a moment over this library shot from the Armory.  This is all about military influence comingling into an edgy, clean and as always eclectic collection a'broowin in my membrainage.  I love this building because it was built in Lincoln's time, 1881 to serve as military, cultural and social center for the Regiment as well as New York society of the Gilded Age.  All goes back to John D. doesn't it!  Impressive how my mind works isn't it?!  I love New York and all of the history that I have yet to fully comprehend.  At some point it can be a waste of time.

Wouldn't it be way cool to have my runway show here in the Drill Hall!  Oh apple pie!

This is what I worked on with Eva tonight.  I have been waiting patiently for this particular homework project you see. Every since that day in architecture college when this guy came in with a fully awesome cork topo model all impeccable.  I remember thinking "If only Dad was an architect, I wouldn't have to think so much!".

Any how, back to Eva's "Create Your Own Continent Take Home Project", which specifically says parents should try not to help too much.  Well screw that.  This is my turn, I went all out. I cut everything out of cardboard. Eva has a lake, ocean front, island, peninsula, river and high cliffs.  Look at these guns!  I think she said the theme was going to be candy land or eye ball land.  I am so bad, Eva's like, "Mommy, I have to do something", I'm like "Uh you could make the compass.". I will let her do some honest.  Devilish smile is creeping over me......

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Rainbow Power

Hi there! This the blog about nothing. I don't really have anything crazy or earth shattering. I just feel really great. That is the right time to blog I guess. I am going to Mom's house for dinner in 10 minutes you see, have to be witty.

You want to know how I did in the tennis tournament today?  It was rather soggy.  We played one set and then the balls were getting soggy. Jim was lobbing the balls so we had to look up into the rain drops *that crafty Canadian*.  We partied at Dale's home and we plan to complete the tournament tomorrow at 3. I think I will do even better. I want to win so badly! My serves were great. I double faulted only once.

Dawn likes my zipper bag with the bordeaux, gold and blue accents.  I had it at Dale's house for the party. It is really cool how my tennis friends want to see me succeed. Dawn wants me to make a bag for her. All too cool. The most wonderful moment was comming out of the gym and seeing a huge St. Louis Arch type of rainbow in the sky. It was full and powerful, not some half ass rainbow.  Everything is damp and crisp.  I can't wait to play tennis tomorrow.  It was all meant to be. Here I come Mom!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Ride at Your Own Risk

Listen to "Here Comes Your Man" by the Pixies when reading this post.  The clutch is finished and I am rested. I fell hard into my bed last night at 9ish.  I was so tired from using Shoe Goo for an hour. That stuff is nasty.  After I was done glooing I just shut my eyes and thought I was floating on a giant hoagie with fuzzy bunnies driving. I will go to Home Depot to see if I can find something less toxic!

I am over the moon with the results of today's photo shoot. Have you ever got hot and bothered over a picture of yourself. Well I did today!  Eveything was perfect.  This is taken from the Estrella Park Rodeo Stadium.  This is a horse shoot thing.  It was the only place that didn't have direct sun.  I love the chipped white paint. I also love the moutains in the background.  Honestly, If I see one more photo of my bags next to a cactus I will puke!

If the Pixies are over you can switch to "Y Control" by Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs.  This works nice!  I am so glad I wore the black leggings *Wolford*, the photo on my patio a couple weeks ago made my legs look pasty.  I think this photo could work well on the next Pixies CD cover. I unzipped my top in the back to make it fall forward and hiked up the skirt to show off the sweet layers.  All morning I was looking at Comme Des Garcons Spring Collection 2010 for inspiration.

Say hi to clutchy. See the Shoe Goo edges. What should I call this clutch. Help! Any ideas?  Even more importantly, what do you think of Shoe Goo edges?

Back side of clutchy.

This is right outside my horse shoot.  Off to Home Depot. Did I mention that I have a tennis tournament  Saturday?  Must go practice serves! Thanks for visiting!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Edgy and Sexy

What a great ending to a day! I would buy this clutch and I am not even done with it! I hope you approve! It is getting edgy and sexy don't you think?  This is the back side of the clutch.

Front side. I love the folded up edges. I used snaps. Zipper nation baby! I tried to be tactful with the hardware. I have yet to seal the edges with Shoe Goo. This is making me think that I will be ruining the overall look. I have to finish the edges still. I will keep you posted. The guts of the clutch are being constructed still. They will be done in black silk.  The silk is gorgeous and thick.  My Aunt Rita brought is back from her trip to Thailand. So, what are you thinking?  Oh also, I ordered brass chain for the the strap. Can't wait till it comes in the mail!

Tonight's tennis was super fun.  There was a net missing *post and all* so we had to rotate out a lot. Mike from NC was back from his 4 week motorcycle trip to Florida. Yes, Monkey Mike rode in the snow the whole way!  I wish he would have taken me.  Sounds like fun if you ask me!  Mike's wife showed up with their pet monkey.  If you watch the video at the end you will see her. When I was in between games she climbed up my leg and I snuggled her! She licked my salty tennis skin and I made squeaky sounds that she apparently liked as she continued to climb on top of my head.  It was just fun to be with my tennis group. Good times.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Feel the Love

Hi you! Can you feel the love out there today! I am eating Sweethearts and listening to Black Eyed Peas. Oh, and throwing away all my old Minnie Jeanne shit. What a great feeling! You know cleaning out your clutter makes way for more cool stuff, more love, more gifts and less stuff to keep track of.

What do you think of Eva's Valentine mailbox. Did you make a mailbox for all your Valentines? My bathroom counter is heaped with birthday and Valentines cards. I could just simply say "Love Is Where You Find It" but I am not going to let you off that easy today. I am in the mood for love.

Lily made a handmade card for Tucker. This was his Littlest Pet Shop card.  Yeah, Lily gave him two cards!! Oh Lil!!!

This was Tucker's second card. I love the blue against the brown background. Toulouse would be proud!

This is my JI Joe inspired handmade card from none other than Erik my brother.  He is 5 years younger than me and still plays with Joes!  Do you love how he used a scrap book card with high heel motif?  Looks like Avatar all over again! 

In my book, handmade cards are the best.  This little number was made by Eva and Lily. Eva is into pop up cards.  The cake is a pop up.  Lily still includes Enzo and Bella our dogs even thougth they are in doggie fantasy heaven. 
This is my Valentine card made by Jeffrey.  Did I tell you that my man and I have known each other since 1989.  Mighty fine isn't he?  Do you love the Skibu cats everywhere?!  Jeffrey is the master at well - too many things to count. One of his specialties is the computer in general. He can photoshop anything.  Did I tell you that I wouldn't have passed Physics without him?

I found this in my sink one day. Eva is incredible with the white board. Wonder where she got that from?!

This is a straggler photo. When the sky is really dark in the desert, it feels like we are underwater. That sweet house is mom's house that Jeffrey and I designed a few years back. That gives you an idea of my commute distance to my mom's house. Feel the love!