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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Original Outfits on My Outing

Oh I missed you!  I snapped tons of photos while I was away at The Happiest Place on Earth! 

This is me laying down on the bench *notice the hedge*.  Jeffrey likes to go from opening to closing.  Literally no sleep till Brooklyn here my gorgeous friends. Notice how I am using gorgeous so loosely.  Yes, I am feeling pretty full of myself after getting my forehand and backhand mo betta today at my tennis lesson. Oh how I digress.  Back to corn dogs and fast passes.

OVER did the churros.  He didn't even know that I zoomed in on him. Hee hee. You know you want to know me.  What is he thinking?

The window displays are really one of my favorites.  The horse is totally thinking "Hey, how do I get away from the psycho blue thing with a wand!".

Anti-establishment head gear.  Waiting in line for teacup ride.  Once again I totally zoomed up from a distance. He has no idea that he is on some crazy girl's blog right now.

Baloo is my favorite character.  I used to listen to "The Bare Necessities" from the Jungle Book on my turn table when I was Lily's age, OVER and OVER and OVER.  I would always get bitter about Baloo singing to Mowgli and not me.  Damn you Mowgli.

These babies were pretty much everywhere. 

OH my.

Most inspiring fashion statement.  Check out his ORANGE loafers!!!  She is OVER THE TOP!  I love everything she is wearing here.  The knee highs, red bag and dark delph blue tunic!  Made me want to go platinum with my hair but alas, I cannot do that.  That would be OBVIOUSLY wrong.  I used to be blonde. It is tremendous upkeep and expensive.  I would rather spend money on shoes.  O-SNAP!

Tinkerbell with Lily and Eva.  We decided to go to Fairyland first thing after breakfast so we could catch Tinkerbell in a chipper mood.  She rocks green.  Later that night she flew along side the fireworks.  Really fun time!

This guy was working the Space Mountain rocket ship seating before take off post.  He loves his job.  He liked ushering people into the rockets like airplane crew usher in a plane on the tarmac. I know you had to be there but this guy was hilarious!

Best dressed while waiting for Space Mountain ride.  The wait was only 45 minutes.  We counted the number of people with turquoise shirts and tatoos to help pass the time.

We still didn't have enough Space Mountain so we returned first thing in the morning. This German guy was talking on his cell phone like he was going to work but he was ahead of us for Space Mountain.  I like his gray plaid trousers.  I know he has no butt what so ever but the guy knows how to dress. Ay?  It is very peculiar to get on a roller coaster right after having an omelet and waffles.

OYE VAY, this thing is really stuck in here!

OMG how cute is this list of cheeses on Minnie Mouse's frigerater!

Can anyone tell me what Welch Rarebit is?

OH crap it's late.  I seriously have missed you all.  I hope we all have a safe, fun and OUTSTANDING summer!   You want ONE more don't you!  I can sense these things.  OK. OK. OK.  I will put some tooth picks to hold my eyelids open.

It is a state law in California to hold your hands up while riding a roller coaster.  Night.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

North Is Always Up


This is NICOLET who works at Smeeks and I am totally just bullshitting you but hey these pictures together and I love when that happens.  Feel the power.

Today I had a consultation for determining Colortimes for 5 women at the office of Joy Cervantes CPA, P.C. in Scottsdale, Arizona. Think of a Siamese cat with cool gray fur and cool blue eyes.   A Cocker Spaniel with copper fur and warm toesty eyes.  You see where I am going with this?  In the beginning I analyze hair, eyes and skin color. The light in the conference room was fluourenscent so we went outside in the shade so I could accurately see their eye color.  I helped determine which Colortime by holding cool, warm, and hot colors up to their faces to see what looked the best.  I had everybody pair up once we had a rough idea of the Colortime and then documented color response.  Looked something like this.

In a NUTSHELL, this is what I did today.  I gave out these NEW and useful color fanguides called More Alive With Color by Leatrice Eiseman and I taught these lovely ladies how to take this to the streets and buy clothes that look great.  I am not talking about Ok and great. I am talking about colors that reach a harmonic level, like chanting Aum and floating around you feel so great.

Trying to explain the Colortimes is like asking me to tell you everything I know.  I will stop this NONSENSE NOW.  Hey you, I NEVER had the chance to tell you that I like to NOSH on NOUGAT as I NONCHALANTLY gaze NEAR the bust of Queen NEREFITI in the NEUES Museum.  Ahhh NOODLES taste so good when NEGOCIATING NOSTALGIC NANUKE jackets.  NO, stop it you say. NEVER~. 


I was actually standing on the 51 freeway to snap this one for you.  North should always be up when you are creating an architectural floor plan.  If you ever want to impress an architect friend of yours just say North is up.  This will instantly turn them on.  Some guy put his North arrow pointing down on his floor plan back in architecture school and the professor ripped him a new one in front of everyone.  There is no rotating plans. Yah see?
We have a mutual love for one another.


This is so old school, check out the plastic wrap on this album.  This was mixed with the Indoor Play For A Rainy Day, Woody Guthrie, Mr. Roger's and other oldie albums.  These albums are Jeffrey's personal collection from when he was a boy.  Yes, of course Brian, yeah, I know they are probably all yours.  I know he will correct me on this.  I bought Jeffrey a USB turntable/vinyl archiver for his birthday. Seriously, if you have an album that you want archived send it to us and we will burn it to a disk for you.  I love the crunchy sounds of the dust in the cracks of the vinyl.  VINYL!


Eva and I made hats from New York Times NEWSPAPER.  Great way to use N!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Modern Love Gets Me To The Church On Time

ME  MODELING on a MOUNTAIN wearing a chocolate MOUSSE colored dress that I MADE MYSELF.

Mervyn's never looked so good.

Hue socks, knit dress made by me, fur thing is a zipper trim taken from my Eddie Bauer jacket hood and Donald Pliner wedges from about 100 years ago.  It is great how my socks match the blue M.  MARVELOUS!

Kind of smurfy huh? I wear this headband when I brush my teeth. Headband is making it's debut in the real world. I never wear headbands in public.

MISHA at MOOD sent me this canvas bag with my tweed and silk lining for my jacket I will be making.  I have a little piece of Los Angeles right here!

MISHA picked this lining out and surprised me.  I just said don't even bother sending the other samples.  I love this as my inner lining for the jacket.  The white tweed is on the left. Very Chanel huh!

Remember this jacket inspiration by Louis Vouitton?  I am going to make this now! I cannot wait to have this!  Should I still add the MILITARY pockets on the outside?  Will the pockets look cool in say 5 years?

We just had a MEETING about submitting a proposal to do a Park and Ride for the Town of Buckeye. Let me show you what that could be like...

I hope we get the chance to design one of these. The project would have shade canopies and a security building.  I love the idea of working with the City of Buckeye.  I could see using imagery like grain silos with metal siding and some John Deer green colored metal awnings.  Don't give my competitors this blog address. K?

1920's MODERN

My book came in today!  The one about sweet kitchens. Well there is a lot of great inspiration in it! Where to start is the question. The author of this sweet book is Thomas O'Brien and it is called American Modern.  His trademark is long islands that you can sit at so your dinners are always late.   He likes to add one large light fixture.  I love this kitchen.  I am glad I ordered this book.  


Which island looks better to you?  I love the white MARBLE counter tops. MY next kitchen will have MARBLE everywhere.

Photo credits, Eva Serbin age 9.

Photo credits to Lily Serbin age 6.

Modern Love walks beside me.
Modern Love walks on by.
Modern Love gets me to the Church on Time

David Bowie lyrics to Modern Love

Monday, May 10, 2010

Mr. Dave Secretly Loves Lanvin - You Devil!

Today is the letter "L" day.  Letters. I pass by this sign everyday it seems.

This is Mr. Dave, aka "the jack of all trades guy" at my Eva Lily's school.  L is for letters.  He loves his letters ay?

Lola Coffee House in Phoenix, Arizona.

This is where Jeffrey and I hung out yesterday while the kids were at Talmud Torah.  This little red book above was full of interesting quotes and drawings.  Most of the quotes were written by people with Gandolf's Lord of the Rings ring tone.

Me wearing camo and my gauzy fleshy skirt. Later that day Brian's new puppy Ruby decided to rip a hole in!  It's a good thing that Ruby Duby Shuby is cute like that!  I like Lola's.  It is clean, mint green bar stool cushions are very cool and the coffee is STRONG.

Jeffrey was sitting on the North side.  If you are an architect like me you can throw those kind of references.  Jeffrey was impressed by the strong quality of the iced mocha.

Condiment bar at Lola's.  Isn't this so neat and chic?  If I was a bowl of sure, I would hang out here for sugar!  Like how I did that? Quality.

Langston Hughes Library, Clinton, Tennessee Maya Lin Architect, Phaidon Atlas

Can I get a couple of yeeeehaws for coming up with all these L's!  Give it up for L! The best names start with L...

Look at those logs! That's all I need right now are those logs floating in space with the glazing behind it.  Maya is teasing us with those logs. They are not holding anything up. Just for fun.  They look like a gift for the eyes the way they are evenly spaced.  Would she get pissed off if I left some In and Out cheese burger on top of the log.  With a bite in it too.

My Phaidon Atlas is so big I could use it for a coffee table. Hell, maybe a dining table for cats. I should get snaps just for heaving it onto my scanner for you all.

Light Bright, Eva Serbin, artist

This is page 263 Figure 23 from Lanvin. Gouache rendering of "Fusee", 1939.  Strapless evening dress with full cartridge pleated skirt.  Chiffon cording looped upon itself was used to embellish one plume on the bodice and one on the skirt, both on the right side.

This is really my style right here.  I know I try to do camo and all that but if you had to throw me into a fashion elevator it would be with Lanvin.  I want to find the Golden Ticket to Lanvin and ride in her glass elevator and then get the keys to the factory and my whole family can live in the Lanvin estate.


It's detail like this that makes me walk through a department store with more restraint these days.  I went to Macy's yesterday and didn't really see anything I liked.  I like the clothes that I make the best.  Look at this chiffon cording! 

Lanvin, Dean Merceron

I love the bow in the back.  I really could have scanned every page of my Lanvin book for you. I know you need to go wack your hedges so I kept it brief.  Let's get back to the bow.  Look how the ends of the bow are sewn down at the bottom of the pencil skirt. Oh what an embellished tuckus!

What is that I hear?  You want more Lanvin?  You are a vixen!

Is this hot or what?  It is all about those torchered details.  I wonder if Lanvin's sewers ever tied concrete weights to their feet and found a high bridge. OK, I will stop. I am making fried chicken for you. Yes, totally right now double tasking. Do you love it or what!  Love is in the L.