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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Greased and Ready to Roast

Tonight is the trunk show in Tempe. Setting up at Nyla Home Simone was really a thrill. I was kind of on edge driving there but once I started working with Jill, Cindy, Maria and Sandy it was a fun party.  Trust me, there were many type A's making decisions so I stepped back and just took my bags out of the boxes and shut up.  My bags look so great under halogen lighting. I am proud of my babies! 

I feel like things are really coming together. I am able to focus on what I need to do and not on tangents that take me away.  I am totally excited about Helen at the May Flower Resort and Spa wanting custom bags. This is exciting news. In between getting ready for tonight I will work on getting some approach to the process of creating a custom bag for all my future Spa clients and of course beyond. Step out and say "Hi".

Monday, October 26, 2009

Just Step Out and Say 'Hi'.

Biggest inspiration for me today is Viviennne Westwood. First of all she is written up in New York Times magazine Winter Fashion which I love to read. Second, I love her punk spirit.  Third, I love the fact that she is a free bird and has been doing her own thing since the 70's and never sold out to a big coutour house like Dior.  I also love the sex pistols, God Save the Queen, plaid, safety pins and whole punk scene that Vivienne was steeped in the 80's.  I was never safety pinned when I was in the era but I guess I always admired the look.

My other inspiration for today is Leatrice Eiseman, my teacher and Director of The Pantone Institue.  She e-mailed me a few pages from Fortune Magazine. Inside Leatrice is looking radiant in the article on page 34 "The Color Committee Gets to Work". In the article it tells about how color trends work and how a color can become "Color of the Year". I am guessing the color of the year might be a reddish purple.  Eiseman hinted about the color being about fantasy and escapism.  I certainly don't want to escape right now. I want to jump into the steep snow bank and ski like a bitch gone wild.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Make the Best of It!

I jumped out of bed and took my 3 signature Mii amo Enchantment bags up the mountain preserve to take photos this morning. Lucky for me, it is just outside my front door and also the sun is rising later and later. At first it is a kicking a screaming affair because I would rather stay in bed but once I am alone in the desert at day break - something magical always happens.  I have some favorite places to shoot but one of my favorites is a decaying saguaro in the bottom of an arroyo.  Just about 5' of it is still standing, dried chunks of charcoal skin wrap the sandy white ribs of the trunk that splay out of the top.  I couldn't ask for a better back drop for my bags. I arrange the bags so that they are hanging, I stuff them with tissue so they look their best and I start shooting. I feel like some coyote is hidden in it's den watching me.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Thursday Rampage

mena garcia is my sewing goddess from portugal. i love to listen to her speak.  she is going to sew 5 more black blossom bags because this bag is a no brainer purchase for the the upcoming trunk show october 29th.  even though i am a color consultant and i encourage everyone to wear more color, i feel the need to wear black lately.  ok, there is it - i must admit that i went to neiman marcus and just bought black and charcoal. what can i say, it is timeless and i will look hot!  i totally should not have been even in the vicinity of nm but damn the clothes are hot.  even though people gravitate to color, when it comes down to parting with their funds - they go for the black right now.  that is ok. really.