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Monday, November 15, 2010

Booth 43

Samples of fabrics at my booth 43.  Pray for booth 43. PLEASE!

My booth 43.  I know I could do so much more.  It just keeps getting better.


I am so hyper!  I don't know where to start! So many good things are happening.  First I just bought some authentic empanadas from this panderia in dowtown Avondale.  This little street called Western.   Well Lil had to go pee really bad and I rushed into this bakery.  Instantly, I started speaking Spanish fluently.  Donde esta bano.  IMPRESSIVE!  It smelled yeasty, dusty and slightly sweet like a new donut.  The lynoleum flooring in front of the lady sitting behind the counter was worn to the black. She said she knew no Ingles but then we had a great chat about a tortilla shack that folded.  She had that "are you for real?" look on her face.  All the girls cared about were the 25 cent toy machines by the door.  Anyhow, I have some pinapple empanadas to try after my dinner of tostadas tonight.

I finished my runners for Sanctuary.  Well not the whole assembley.  I finished the sewing of all the rectangles together.  I still have to cut out the trims and the backs for each one.  I learned a thing or two about economy of movement.  I conquered by sewing 2 pieces together, taking another pair sewing them together and so on.  You had to be there.  By lunch time I had fuzz and lint all over my black yoga pants.  My sewing room is a whirl of turquoise lint.  I had to roller tape my whole body.  I feel so awesome.

Ok now I can properly end.  Question... why do I sit on my chair when it is piled with  books and papers.  I know you want to know how the craft show went.  Well I had to wait until I was happier to tell you about it.  It only took a dose of Cadbury 'Chocolate Wars' story audible and the More Money Than God to set me straight.  No sells.  I spoke to about 50 people.  I didn't sit once or eat.  The time flew by.  I attracted groups of people as I described my educational component.  I mean what was I to expect by having only one price item at $85.00?  Who does that? 

I love thinking of the young Hershey experimenting with making his chocolate bar.  Do you realize that he spent countless sleepless nights before coming up with the secret recipe?  He failed so many times before coming up with his brilliant chocolate. Something to do with using sour condensed milk. 

 During the turn of the century, when Hershey was selling his product in Chicago he packed his cart full of sweets and was set to sell in the city.  His whole supply was blown up when two guys stuffed his cart full of dynamite.  He never gave up.  He just came back stronger with each set back.

I want this to work.  So bad! 

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Harvey Sensor

Scary thing is they fit pretty well.

Lily wanted to eat by this tall beacon outside Paradise Bakery.  We wanted to sit at the smallest table possible.  It makes for better sharing.

Once you kill a cow, you gotta make a burger...Lady Gaga.  I dare you to go to your nearest Paradise Bakery and just order all the roast beef they have.  

I had a roast beef about 3 hours ago.  I ate heaps of beef so I can unleash the terror tonight at Montecito Tennis Courts.  Last week I had a melt down on the courts due to hunger.  Doubles. Yay Hah!

The Harvey sensor went off when I spotted the American Cheese that was added to my roast beef sandwhich.  If you are Jewish and own your own deli this is a major faux pah.  Harvey would have piled my roast beef so high I couldn't have fit it in my mouth.  Yes, that is Harvey as in SAM HARVEY.

You know it!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Car Is Packed

This is me painting over my painting. Don't get crazy now, this is not the original!

I want a gray skirt and top in this color. Click.

Skibu helping me paint.

This is an improvement.

I am pretty stoked right now. I love when my car is totally packed the night before for my craft booth. This IS the night before.  I made a camp fire in the courtyard with wood I personally cut down and sawed up into tiny pieces.  The flames smelled like nutty, leathery, smoky *well that is original* and rich.  The wood was super solid and it burned forever.  The girls wanted smores but the marshmallows were totally stale.  Don't ever try to taost stale marshmallows over an open fire.  They taste like soft sweetish rubber pads. 

Do you know that I am almost done with my Chanel coat!? A 9 month couture personal project.  I am sewing in the chain right now.  I had to tear out the shoulder pads.  I looked like Frankenstien.  But really it looks amazin'! I will post later.  I want to wait until it is done.  Gilted or black buttons? 

Laser beams and sirens!


If it was payday and you were sitting in your car...waiting...

What would you snack on?

Janet and I did the handoff today.  She completed 8 more bags for the show for Saturday and some custom orders.  I picked up my gray exciting paint from Dunn Edwards too.  Don't think for a second that I sew everything myself.  Janet is an amazing sewer.  Is sewer and sewer as in a pipe the same thing? Semstress is a little outdated and reminds me of a flouncy lady wearing velvet leisure suits living in a house with way too much stained glass everywhere.  There has to be a better word for sewer. I will go look it up. I will be right back.  Hey! Don't go eat a bowl of Rice Krispies, I will be right back now you hear! 

Dressmaker...not there yet. We don't make dresses right now. Bagmakers.  Needleworkers. miracleworkers. chia pets...

Monday, November 1, 2010

Breakfast Helmets and Dum Dums

This is really bad I know. What do you want for cobbling a costume together in all of 10 minutes IF THAT! Yes, I am pretending to be smoking a licorice.  Can't you tell Jeffrey is a surfer and I am his goth girlfriend.  Are you feeling it?

Breakfast helmets.

Eva stole the show with her blue rabbit.

Lily insisted on being a hippie chick but wanted the adult costume.  She ripped the hole thing apart within minutes of this pose. She ran around trick or treating with the headband and that's about it.  Clothed of course. Of course.  Halloween is always at my brother's house.  I made cole slaw and cornbread.  Next year I need to make a second bowl of batter so I can drink it.

Every year my brother Erik tells the story. When we were kids. Not to far off.  When we were kids, I secretly went into his trick or treat bag and took out a dum dum sucker. I went through each dum dum trying to pull off each head until I finally got one off without taking out a machete.  I took out one of those Mrs. See's fudge squares unwrapped it and stuck it on the Dum Dum stick. I took the Dum Dum wrapper and wrapped it over the fudge square.  I put it back in the stash and didn't say a word.   A couple days later I hear this...LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! 

Jeffrey wants you to know that is his reel hair.