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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Free Sweet Tea

I'm just waiting for my tuna melt to melt you know.   Just making conversation. It's the little things like how much Easter shit can you buy this season.  I plan on going full tilt this year. I don't want to hear it ok. I know I am Jewish. Oh there is so much to learn.  It's all good.   Why wouldn't you want to put the Peep's in the microwave for fun.

I want to find some pink and green clear plastic and wrap the entire inside of my house so when eva and lil wake up it will look like the Alice in Wonderland ride.  I think I used that analogy already, maybe more than once.  Just deal.  I bought some Steiff animals just because they have that yellow screw through their ear.  Maybe the girls will really fall in love with lamby. they will probably fight over it.  I want their baskets to be like the top of Marge Simpson's blue hair.  Really blue and awkwardly tall. Tiny presents hidden in plastic grass that will take years of vacuming.

Mom used to make organic Easter baskets for Erik and I.  Baby bunches of carrots with the green ends still on, carob raisins, goji berries covered in dried kefir, spiralina energy packs.  Good times.

My inspirations for now...

I forgot where I tore this out.

This has been stuck in my head for 1000's of years. PLEASE MAKE IT STOP NOW!

Reading a biography on Henry Edward Huntington by James Thorpe. 

Fashion Independent: The Original Style of Ann Bonfoey Taylor - anyone who could figure out how to own every size of Louis Vuitton luggage is bomb.

 Theatre de la Mode, everything is miniature and that is a good thing

Woodsy Nerd

View 2, Textile Magazine Winter 10/11

Sombody please wear this look.  And wear it like you mean it damn it.

It's sweet and it's free.