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Saturday, January 30, 2010

This Clutch Makes Me Want to Wear Gloves

Hi baby!

Today's inspirational journey comes from a place called Antique Treasures & Collectibles in Glendale, Arizona.  Aunt Jan and I  hit the road with one mission: to find some cool vintage clutches.

I was impressed with their inventory.  The only clutches that I bought were waiting in the locked glass case.  The case was the last thing we looked at. I think we spent two and half hours among cookie jars shaped as buddha, McDonalds, Quaker Oatmeal and a sweet clown face. I think I will be going back for the vintage clown face.  Do you have a cookie jar? What does yours look like?

My fingers still smell like I've been playing in grandma's jewelry box. I bought this crotchet apron. I am thinking it could be fabulous over a pencil skirt or some silver tights. You can borrow it if you want!

Vintage thread spools are in a class of their own. The class is called WAY COOL.

Why go through the effort of writing "your"?  Poor Paw looks like he's been hit with this cup too many times. Git a life Ma!

Ok, glass case time. This hottie is vintage 1950 and has the lucite handle.  The clear vinyl has gold thread embroidery. I might have to go back for this one too.

Cousin clutchy.  Yeah we be cool livin' in the glass case!

This is my hot purchase.  Do you love the 1950's gloves with tiny patent leather bows!  The bag is 1950 vintage Whiting and Davis Co.  Now I am inspired to do some chain mail bags. Oooooh I feel some cool direction here. 

Alumesh up close. I wish I had a bed douvet cover of Alumesh then I could roll around on it and eat cherry jello.  Do you just want to eat this up?!

Second clutch purchase. OK, also a neighbor in the glass case. I caved for the gold metal latch, electric blue color and the name "After Five".  I like how the chain is short. This clutch makes me want to wear gloves, swing my purse as I walk and smoke cloves.  Don't worry mom!

I can only use this one after five I guess. 

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Slow An' Easy

Hi there! Cherry jello and tennis. I am ready now.  This is what I wore to The Phoenician Resort and the Arizona Biltmore today. I made the necklace, top, coat and the mountain behind me. 

This is the Arizona Biltmore entry.  That clever roof overhang is called a cantilever.  Now you can sleep at night.

They just completed this Grille addition. Pretty sweet grillage ay. Makes me want to have some pancakes.

Frank Lloyd Wright's garden nymph.

I am really leaving a lot out here. Hmmmmmm. Should I tell you or just keep it to myself.  It was a disappointing morning. The director at the Phoenician Spa told me that my quilted bags look too - this hurts deep - here goes - "old lady".  There it is.  She wants edgy.  At first I was pretty sad. I went back to my car and went to LGO. The hippest place to have lunch in Phoenix in my old lady making bag maker opinion.  I was in a haze even ordering my chicken salad wanna cry my way thru this day sandwhich. As I was opening my wallet and getting the cash out, I saw a little smile with glasses staring at me.

I thought of what Eva was doing. Thinking about her made me feel better. Then as I added a cappucino to the order I saw this group of girls that looked like super heroes.

I told them to dress like that everyday! I love the gold tights with blue super wonder cardi.  I was starting to feel even mo betta thinking about all those teens that have their style and don't give a rip about what anyone thinks. Everyone else in Pheonix looked so black and moral. Keep up the good work Phoenix Country Day girlies!

See, I really do drive up a hill when I go home to Estrella Mountain Ranch. I have a good 45 minutes in the car to chew on things.  I began to realize that I was ready to get edgy. I want to go to the edgy and make a killer cool bag. Next meeting I will be ready, palies.  I appreciate what that Spa Director had to say. At least she was straight up with me.  I have a kick ass bag in the works.  I am not waiting anymore for the sky to turn green, for the planets to align, for the hardware to come in. I am jumping in tomorrow morning.

White Snake, Slow An' Easy is the song for the day. I wanted something that was permed, cheesed and edgy. Thanks also to my tennis bud Dawn Delvecchio who thinks that I have the skills to pay the bills.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Highlighters are COOL

Yesterday at my Executive Forum monthly meeting I think I pissed off Lisa Ridley, a consultant for MAP. Still don't know what that stands for but anyhoo.  I got angry when she told us that we needed a plan B just in case Plan A doesn't work. I think that is a crock. I don't do plan B's.  My feeling is, if you do a Plan B, then you will end up using Plan B.  No deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!   I did learn to be more focused with  my list of things to do everyday.

Lisa said the best time to figure out the top 3 *not 6 or 20* vital factors is before you go to bed.   Typically, I have about 20 things on my list but I ignore the thing that really needs to get done.   The one that has to do with making money.   For example, I would write about calling places but nothing ever quantifiable.

Vital Factor Numero Uno for today was:

Arrange 3 face to face meetings with 3 different Resort Spas in Arizona.

Well palies, guess what, I did it. Most the time all I heard was voice machines but I kept at it. I kept calling until I heard a voice.  Before I knew it I had a meeting at The Boulders for February!  After that one it just got easier.  There is something about talking to someone on the phone as opposed to e-mail.  People assume too many things in an e-mail.  It is more authentic when you can laugh together and hear their distinct voice on the other end. 

Rule number one is to just be yourself. It helped that I could look some directors up on Facebook. One director looked like she was my age and had a family so instantly it took the edge off. I have an appointment at the Phoenician and Arizona Biltmore tomorrow. I am very proud of myself.

John D. Rockefeller was about 20 when he went on the road marketing. I love his face here. He is so calm and sure of himself.  In the book Titan where I scanned this, it says that he was a gentleman, never pushy but persistant.  I like to have fun marketing. You have to. The person on the other side of the table wants to have fun too.  If you can make a friend, even better.

In the 1860's when Rockefeller struck out for new clients in Ohio and Indiana, he probably rode something like this Gentleman's phaeton, Waterloo Wagon Co., Waterloo, NY.  I actually went to his coach barn in Kykuit Pocantico,New York to the Rockefeller Family Home.   It was unforgettable. Especially when Lily decided to goose the nude sculpture in the art gallery. Ooooopsie!  If I went on the road with John D. there wouldn't be any dancing or drinking that is for sure. He would smile and nod at me as his horses outran everybody elses on the road. 

David Spade and Chris Farley. Period.  We would stop off for fried chicken everyday and listen to Neil Diamond Craklin Rose on repeat on our way to our next sell. I would just work on the media kits, fix their car door that fell off and laugh all day.  We could sell brake pad handbags.

Highlighters are COOL.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Gone Fishing to Cherry Tree Lane

Hello my friend! Lots of good things are happening today! To start with, it looks like the articles of LLC have been finalized for our name change to SAM HARVEY. Whew! Can you imagine having to drum up another name now!  As you can see I have completed my skirt. I hope this helps seeing everything together. If this is your first time on the blog then here is the drill.
Blouse: SAM HARVEY, sewn by me Lara Serbin, skirt: SAM HARVEY pattern by Christine Jonson, shoes: Christian Louboutin

Handbag: SAM HARVEY,  Cherry Tree Lane Bag $75.00 , sewn by my sewer Janis Van Vliet * bless this talented woman!*  This bag is not yet on the web site but if you call me I will take care of you.

Is this Spring Collection starting to make sense my friends? My Collection for Spring is about Mary Poppins with a modern edge influence from Alexander McQueen and Comme des Garcon.  The mood is one of ethereal charm mixed with modern detailing.

I was inspired by Comme des Garcons to use this lightweight sheer to give a softened look to the pencil skirt.  The look below is from from Comme des Garcons Spring Collection 2009.

   The white ruffled petticoat is attached to the body like an armature to be honored from fashion's past. The nude sheath which is sewn impeccably, is a modern resolution to showcase the past in a modern layered effect. Look how one sleeve is folded up and the other is flared out. What do you think?

These are my sweet darts.  Let me tell you, it was not easy sewing with this material.


I made sure the darts were on separate layers so the dart would be very obvious as shown above.

This is my fortune from Pei Wei today.  Fishing for boutiques to carry my Collection.  I am going to be doing more than sewing my friend.  I am on a fishing expedition with all my gear. As Beastie Boys say, NO SLEEP TILL BROOKLYN...

Monday, January 25, 2010

Let's Get Delusional

Yesterday morning with my ritual cup of PG Tips British black tea I read For Richer or for... Not Quite as Rich in the Sunday Business section of the New York Times.  I suggest you read this article before reading my blog. Please tell me what you think of it.    I like Peter Brant's story. What is important to me is that even though he is going through some financial set backs, he sounds like the kind of guy who will get right back on his Hi Ho Silver and AWAY - to financial freedom.  It just proves to me that once you have a strong enough habit about money, no matter what happens, it will remain a constant.  He is a tycoon and as a business entrepreneur, I always gravitate to tycoons because they inspire great things in me.  I do study John D. Rockefellor, but it's nice to read about somebody who is living.  

I became enthralled especially when I read about his monthly expenses such as the part where he is in court and he is justifying his monthly expenses, "He spends 30,000 a month on household supplies, which, he told the court, could be anything from "toothpaste to towels."  There's an additional $12,500 a month for miscellaneous personal expenses, and $15,199 a month for personal entertainment."  

I put down the paper and I took out my big note pad. Those who are close to me know that I journal a lot. I journal for what I want to focus on.  I started to journal about what my life would be like even if I had $15,199 for an entertainment budget every month. I do this to expand my vantage point from where I am in my life.  If your life is not giving you what you want in the present moment, well you can fake it until you make it. 

Here is what I wrote in my journal:

Staff accustomed to my needs, my house is always clean,  new sheets on my beds every month, fresh coats of paint, new furniture, the variety of fresh flowers every month, variety of new colors, being taken care of, team spirit of organization, crisp linens that are freshly laundered, a chef that knows exaclty how my family likes to eat and enjoys cooking, the look on Eva and Lily's faces as we say we are taking them on a trip and we are leaving as soon as they get ready.   Private jets to transport us to far off places at a moments notice.   I could go on, and trust me... I do habitually. 

I went on an on for about 15 minutes and when I was done I was on a high. Even though I wasn't observing somebody putting laundry away or mopping my floors I had the urge to do it myself. To be organized. I was focused on how my life could be better.  Do you ever stop to think of how your life could be better?  What would be your story if you had those kinds of monthy sums? Are you the type that is comfortable with being a little delusional?


Saturday, January 23, 2010

Flowy Gauzy Stuff


Raw corn bread batter, running around the lake and this piece above has turned my day into joy!  I studied Rei Kawakubo of Comme des Garcons Spring Collection for 2009 today.  The piece above is so amazing. It reminds me of Vietnamese egg rolls with transparent sheaths showing off the shrimp. The shrimp color is subdued and more mysterious.  The ruffle dress is like an armature. I could wear this everyday. I love the random zipper too.

I love how Rei uses the nude chiffon for the leggings here. The layering is genius.  This is poetry.
I just picked a few shots for you because there are 48 different looks for this Collection. Makes me think that I have much work to do if I want a collection.

The army green is so hard and the petal colored soft drape of the chiffon is perfect. I think this can be very sexy because there is some contour mystery to the figure.

The happy part of this story is that it made me break out my cheap red knit again. I will finish my skirt but guess what I am going to over lay it with...

 Rei has released me. Everything doesn't have to be so perfect.  I really like what is happening to the red here.  I think the red alone is too siren.   A skin tight under shirt in the same chiffon would be cool too under the blouse!  I truly believe the best will come out of finding materials that I have on hand.  Time to make it work!

*If somebody knows what this fabric is called please tell me becuase I don't think it is called chiffon. For now let's just call it flowy gauzy stuff.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Spa Resort Traipsing

 I arrived at K2 base camp.  Marketing is like climbing K2 *sister to Mt. Everest except only more dangerous*.  Something clicked for me today.  I want to do more marketing with a vengeance!   Thank you Tommy Toth for a great reception at Bliss Spa. Bliss is what you would call an urban day spa. You go in, get rubbed down and then you are on your way. It's not one of those meander through the rotunda and traipse through the pergola kind of places. I did bring the MAN BAG even though it is not ready. I just felt like it was time. Tommy liked it!

Dig the green grass floor tile in the showers @ Bliss.

Next pedi for me has to be at Bliss. Look how they hold their nail polish bottles!
Next stop was Valley Ho in Scottsdale. This place was built in 1954 and just went through a major addition and remodel. I was just taking a tour today.

Main entry where I met the lovely Judy Kabler.  This place left a sunny impression on me. They had Rat Pack hats in their boutique! I would love to do a signature bag for this place.

Yes, that is a sheep in the lobby of Mondrian Hotel. 

I ended my day by checking out the Polo store front at the Biltmore.   Love the simplicity of the wood crates.


The take away from today is that I need to start on a clutch.  Something that is a smaller price range.  Yes, this clutch above is nacho cheesy but it is something I can rip apart and alter. Carlena at the W Hotel said she would like to talk if I have a clutch to show her. How hard could that be?

Thursday, January 21, 2010


It rained seriously all day today. Soon we will build an ark and float away to LA *specifically Pico Blvd.* and go to Mood Fabrics.  The red skirt turned into a hot mess today. I tried and tried to work with this cheap ass fabric that I shouldn't have bought from craftling emporium. Lesson learned, NEVER SEW ANYTHING WITH CHEAP FABRIC!

This is my cover stitch serger. This thing does the double stitch that is probably on the very edge of your shirt that you are wearing right now. Pretty much an industry standard - double stitch with serger on the other side. I actually could never find the instruction manuel since day one. For the last year I have been sewing tons of projects by just guessing around. Well I finally ordered the manuel and started cracking up over what I didn't know.  Hmmm what is that knob for oh - don't need that.  Turns out this machine can do a whole lot of cool stuff. 

My sergers. The one on the left does all the plain serging. If you look inside your clothing you will see a chain stitch. Most garments have that so your clothing doesn't competely unravel and leave you naked while at an important meeting.

I will call in some red knit fabric from Christine Jonson tomorrow and have it overnighted.  Christine and I are total buds and she sells the nicest knits.  This skirt has to be something wearable.  We must continue on you know! Also I have a Spa tour at Bliss in Scottsdale tomorrow. This is going to be really cool I think. I am watching Project Runway tonight too.  Tim Gunn Rocks! I love you MAN! MAKE IT WORK!

Theme music for tonight is dunna cha cha dunna cha cha dunna cha cha. Eva is taking the credit for this.

Eva -La

Lily - nice Fruit Loop necklace.