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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Cheap Fun

My new bag. Look at it...

I knew you would want to see this close up.  So true.

Here is the first one. I gave it to Ron.  It may just be at the bottom of his car by now.

Big enough for your pet squirrel.

I was just on my way to wipe down the inside of my car at like 10 o'clock at night because I am driving my client around tomorrow to look at really expensive kitchen appliances.  Don't worry now!  I will do it before I go to bed, gawd, you ride me!  

Kids love to be in the car during an automatic car wash. Period. Cheap fun.
Lily said she wished it was longer and turned into a roller coaster.  I told them it was a gigantic octopus devouring our car.  My car is so full of dirt right now.  What I really want to do is make Beouf Bourguignon with my Julia Child but it would be done at 1am.  I will be stoned tired for my jaunt to Scottsdale and then my sleep will be bacon filled. Beef house. No way. I will wait till tomorrow I guess. So much for having dinner ready for when I get home.

What I really want to do is use my new pot I bought today at Williams Sonoma.  When I was paying for it *not cheap fun* I told the apron clad honey it was BAD ASS!  

Doesn't it just make you want to cook a roast in your jammies?

Let's Play... What's at the bottom of Lara's Car?

1. Green kazoo.
2. Mini CPK menu, you know the one.
3. One dirty sock.
4. Hunk of asphalt *Lily*.
5. Photo of Lara's Grandpa that she keeps avoiding getting framed.
6. Lulu Lemon shopping bag.
7. Mixed Nuts.
8. A plush snake that can be manipulated.
9. Digital camera, surprise surprise.
10. Lily's spelling word list.
11. Carousel of Pip Squeak markers no less than 30 colors at all times.
12. White board.

Dashboard has been wiped.  Are you so happy with delight now!
Nighty night light bright.