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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Mr. Miyagi Made Me Do It

My showing at Goodyear Marketplace is next Saturday!  I am going to take a different approach.  I am going to add some educational component to the display of my bags.  I so modestly think that my bags are so well crafted that people don't believe that I make them myself.  So...I am going to display each piece that goes into the assembly of a bag.  I found a giclee of one of my large paintings. I am going to paint over it solid gray and then adhere the pieces. I can just have this gorgoeus thing at  the booth. It is WAY better than having a big heap of crap in some corner.  I also promise to be more hospitable and speak in italics.  I will not sit or eat in my booth.  I have really good feelings about italics.  OK NOW I CAN'T STOP THE ITALICS DAMN IT ALL!

Finished bag.  Lot of pieces!  Crazy it you ponder.

Any takers for a full size poster of Mr. Miyagi?  Now don't laugh...just watched 1986 Karate Kid today. I refused to see it over the last 1000 years. When it first came out I thought it repulsive.  Now I can see me being karate kid with my tennis coach.   In terms of my tennis I am not sure what menial tasks like painting Miyagi's wood fence could translate into the perfect back hand.  Any suggestions?  My movement to engrain is more like an exaggerated whip tail motion.  The back of my hand should be kissing my cheek.  My face cheek. Gawd!  Totally... I want Mr. Myagi to be my tennis coach.

I wouldn't watch the newest 2010 version of Karate Kid if someone gave me front row ski lift tickets.  Now that movie looks like pure crap.   What, does he win the tournament by playing bi-polar wii karate. HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIYAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

Can you think of any better options than painting over my painting?

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

16 Hash Marks

Hash marks are my thing these days.  No not marking days off my calendar.  I don't understand why people cross days off their calendar.  It is like their life is a prison and they are trying to get out?  No hash marks on my fabric rectangular patterns.  It makes total sense.  I was doing hash marks linear but then I had to count and recount every time I was done to make sure I had done all of them.  Now I do sets of 4 hashes then another set of 4 down below.  Seeing the sets of 4 helps me count faster to 16. Yes, I am making sixteen runners. 

Today, I cut out 96 pieces.  Oh and all my fabric from Kravet arrived today.  I totally could have shopped for a more reasonable fabric from Kravet but I spare no expense for my designs.  I really love the mossy colored linen that I am using for the trim and back of the runners. It is so rich and soft. The color is gorgeous too.  I am in a cutting groove.  My rotary blade is already dull so I have to press that much harder.  It is only going to help build my tennis arm you know!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Cutting Rectangles

I can't believe I forgot to eat gummy bears today while I was cutting 136 pieces of turquoise rectangles today.  It didn't feel like I did anything today but then I counted. Now I feel pretty good.  I am working on the runners for Sanctuary. This is my first real order for Sam Harvey. It is so much work but I am very proud to have it!  Why did I make it so complex!  I have to make 15 of them and one copy for myself.  I want to get it done as soon as I can.  Honestly, I can cut one color fabric out per day.  There are about 10 different fabrics.  Crazy that I haven't counted.  I need a really long table to lay everything out but for now I am laying everything out on my ironing board.  It is already full.  I just afraid Skibu will decide to sit on them when I am not looking.

I don't even know where this day went.  Blogs are going to get cryptic for the time being.  That's probably a good thing for you. You won't have to wade through all my crap. 

Hey, did I tell you that I won a tennis set off a High School guy last Saturday?  Then I played again Saturday at the Phoenix Tennis Center with Jeffrey. That place is so cool but crusty on the edges. It had paintings of Kokopellis playing tennis in the locker room.

Everything will be alright though. You know why? Because I know Limehouse Blues was Jacqueline Kennedy's favorite song when she was a Deb.  I copied it down when I was at the Kennedy Library while in Boston.  Nerd alert!

Friday, October 22, 2010

New England Crafting - Part 3

The craft shows were behind us at this point and I had tacked on an extra day to explore more of Boston with Jan and Eva.  Jani took us to the South End, Little Italy of Boston.

I just threw this tavern shot from The Salem Cross Inn. I could sense that you wanted to see more.  I just pick up on these things.

Since the Inn has been restrored by the Salem family, led by Richard Salem, the pun on the name decided the title of the Inn.  Furnished throughout with American antiques, the Inn displays the nations only known operating Roasting Jack, a c. 1700 device the innkeepers use to cook beef, game and fowl at the huge hearths... this is what I read on the paper place mat while I waited for my filet mignon that was way to WELL DONE! CHARD!

The Salem Cross Inn
I swear I was just coming over here to shut my computer off and go to bed...

What! You can't see my new earrings from where you are standing.  Close up coming soon.  I think they look mo betta right next to The John F. Kennedy Presidential Library & Museum.  This was before Little Italy.  The North End is prettier.  If you are a smart blogger like me, you put the pretty stuff first.

I asked Eva what her favorite part of traipsing through The White House Corridor, The Oval Office, The Kennedy Family, The First Lady *you know who's favorite that was* and her response was, "I liked the peanut butter and jelly pocket best!".

Space frame as you enter the last leg of the Kennedy Museum.  It was abbreviated for us because we had so much more to see and do like...eating fresh cannoli's in the North End.  If you ever have a fresh one, make sure they squeeze the white cheese stuff just when you order it.  It should crumble all over the place as you eat it.  That's when you know.  You just know.

Space frame and Saints.  Good way to end. Goodnight!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

New England Crafting - Part 2

Emily Dickinson's house in Amherst, Massachusetts. I know. I know.  I was choked up when I snapped this.  It was exactly 4 o'clock and the three crafty ladies, Jani, Eva and I were pretty wiped out after visiting hundreds of craft booths at Paradise City in New Hampshire.  I liked the playhouse show in Vermont best because of the intimate scale.

Jani likes to take the scenic route. Eva was asleep in the back seat on top of the coat pile.  I was camera ready when we drove past this abandoned pumpkin stand.  Jani was taking us to dinner at a real "New England" restaurant called The Historic Salem Cross Inn which dates back to 1705.  The name comes from the cross symbol on the door to ward off witches.  It didn't ward off the cows though.

Salem Cross Inn, after dinner it looked like this.

This was along the road in front of the Salem Cross Inn.  Salem Cross Inn would be the equivalent to Kokopelli over here is Arizona. You know.

18th Century Rockingham Meeting House.  Vermont's most intact Puritan New England Meeting House.  The nails on the white wood siding were hand hewn.  The nail heads were all chiseled.  Do you know what I mean?  This is out of sequence but hey, it's ok.

I have lots of favorite moments as you can see. Wearing layers of clothing, seeing incredible craftsmanship at the shows, observing crowds of people flocking over hand made items, having breakfast at Jani's house, the smell of Jani's house, the floor boards creaking as I walked from the bathroom to the room Eva and I were sleeping in, Eva snuggling me while we slept, not having to cook, being on an adventure, seeing old buildings, autumn colored leaves, old buildings, old buildings, going to J McLaughlin, visiting this crazy artist who sewed all kinds of plastic toy crap to these quilts that looked amazing and old buildings.  VARIETY is a good thing. Agree?

Friday, October 15, 2010

New England Crafting - Part I

Jani drove us from Boston to Vermont. She was so kind to stop and let me jump out and snap.

27th Annual Weston Craft Show, Weston, Vermont

Weston Craft show took place in a historical playhouse in Weston, Vermont.  There were artists set up on the stage, isle, rafters, control booth, concession and balconies.  The level of craftsmanship was so very high.  I was and still am so inspired by these New England artists. 

Jan *in her red coat* knew everybody of course! It was a thrill to be with her because Eva and I met so many artists.

Rob Cartelli Ceramics
I bought a sugar bowl with a top and a mug.  What can I say, I thought my tea would make a statement in these simple but elegant pieces. I told Rob I was from Arizona and he said "I am sorry..." What is up with that?!! 

Irene Pluntky-Goedecke jeweler designer.  No, this isn't Irene, but it IS her dashing husband.
I bought a pair of earrings from Irene. They are silver with a little dash *yes, using dash twice* of gold. I seriously think I will wear them everyday for the rest of my existence.  NO! I am not showing you a photo. Do you know how late it is already?

Eva Rose Serbin in the bandstand after the Weston Craft Show. Blue Bunny Rabbit scarf.  We totally cash in on some great things when we went to Beacon Hill.  Eva found her scarf.  They have a 7 Eleven in Beacon Hill but they don't sell big bathtub sized drinks like in Phoenix. They sell SUNDRIES.  I had the best slab o' cheese.  Back to Vermont.

Jani and I plotting our next move.  Eva was shuffling in the fallen leaves.  I am so not know this.  That is why I called this Part I. 

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Crafty Girls Go To Boston

Eva and I are leaving tomorrow morning for Boston!  This will be our first 'girls' trip. We can't wait to see Jan! She bought blueberries for breakfast!  Beacon Hill shopping tomorrow evening.  Pinch me now, is this for real!?

My loot from Tuesday Morning I picked up today.

Lily was watching tv with this pumkin snuggled next to her. She went on a field trip to a farm today.  We are going to miss Lil and Jeffrey...Lily did tell us that craft shows were not her thing.

Simple for today. LL Bean pencil skirt and cashmere sweater, 7 buck Polo sunnies, Taryn Rose wedges and SAM HARVEY bag.

I am so lucky to have my IPAD for this trip. Eva and I have 2 movies downloaded for our flight.  First time I will be leaving my books at home for a trip. 

Should I stop now?

NO. Just one more thing. Jan my aunt is incredible!  She is an artist scout.  I have left this whole trip in her hands. She actually enjoys planning for trips. She goes to these shows every year.  This year, I didn't want to miss out.  After Friday, I don't even know where I will be.  I just told Jan that Eva and I are in her hands.  I do know that we will be in Vermont for the Weston Craft Show.  Juried artists.  The bomb.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

No Secrets To Reveal

It finally rained.  I am pretending it is fall here.  David Sheflin and Cathyanne from Vintage Fashion Inc. in Phoenix told me they found an Ana Sui dress for me.  David has a thing for Ana Sui from the 1980 beginnings of Sui's design career. When I saw this dress I doubted the cream bands but then Cathyanne convinced me to try it on.  Doesn't this dress make you want to cruise your bike with a boom box strapped to the tail end playing "Our Lips Are Sealed?  Question is...why didn't I have this in the 80's?

This decaying historical liquor store is off of MC85 in Buckeye, Arizona.  It only took me and my photography crew, Eva and Lily Serbin, 5 minutes to get here from my house.  Free range chickens and broken down Schiltz signs.

 Ana Sui knit dress1980's, Vintage Fashion Inc., SAM HARVEY handbag that I personally made, Wolford tights and Paul Green boots.  Lips matted nude.  I mean really, like you need more color with this dress!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Look Julia, I am Doing A Library Too!

No, this is not my house. I wish.  This is San Simeon Hearst Castle, in California.

Dad took me to Hearst Castle when I was in rock n roll high school.  After that day I was never the same.  It especially influenced  me knowing that a woman named Julia Morgan designed it.  She was wearing round spectacles way before Karen Walker. 

 Thinking of Julia today while working on my watercolor for a custom home I am designing.  Julia did watercolor and little vignettes for every last cornice details of her architectural masterpieces. This woman could design.  I always wanted to be like Julia.

Here is the library Julia designed for Randolf at Hearst Castle.  Dad and I just toured the grounds, guest casitas, first floor public salons of the castle and the amazing 1920's pool palace. I can't even begin to describe the opulence of the wall to ceiling tiny blue and gold mosaic tiles. I mean she didn't spec out those damn aluminum hand rails to get into the pool. She designed like stone serpents coming out of the water to grab onto. She was all class. Don't even try to understand Hearst Castle unless you go to visit. Books don't do it justice, that is why I show the outside in black and white. 

Julia....are you out there.  Here is my library. What do you think? Yes, I know the ottoman left leg in the foreground is stunted. I have already fixed it. 


This is how far I got today.  I love listening to my IPAD audio book. I am listening to The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet's Nest.  Totally not my cup of tea but it keeps me focused and that's a good thing.