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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Hugo Montenegro Rocks

This week just gets better and better.  I think it was Tuesday that I had somebody drive up the hill to buy a Sam Harvey bag.  I have never met this woman either.  It was a referral from one of my wonderful repeat clients.  I didn't think she was coming so I just continued working on my overcrowded thumb tack of a desk in the middle of the freeway of my house.  Yes, folks you guessed it.  She showed.  As she waited on my round dining table I brought out all my boxes of bags.  The one I am showing is the one she picked.  This bag is not even on the website.  It was an experiment bag. 

Miss Pen Pen likes to knock those candle sticks over.  OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH PEN!

Oh by the way, I made that black top I am wearing too. Shabam!  See that framed thing on the right.  Right before I gave her the amount due I showed her the framed thing that I glued all the pieces that goes into a Sam Harvey bag.  She was impressed.  You really want me to go dig that photo out of th archives don't you... Ok, for you I will do it.  Be right back.

Funny how bandana fabric inside goes with my Hugo Montenegro on a continuous loop I have going right now.  The Good, The Bad, The Ugly.  Are you feeling it yet?  It felt so great to see her so happy with one of my bags.  She said she loved the strap length.  It is true that most handbags worth anything to talk about these days have really short straps.

Makes me want to make some more bags.   

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