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Monday, May 23, 2011


Tonight I took Eva and Lily my girls to PF Changs for dinner. This is a typical Monday evening for us after dance class.  As we are going through the circular glass door thing that spins around 360 *which I have no clue why you would need this in Arizona with all the hurricane activity* which I dread because Lily always makes it spin like 3-4 times.  Eva and I will be in the lobby and Lily will keep going round and round slowly while her greasy fingers are mashed up against the freshly windexed curved glass. Well this time the round door just haulted stop with lily wedged somewhere in the middle.  She was ready for Willie Wonka to suck her up to the blue berry gobstopper machine or what in the hell I don't know.  I felt myself loosing my cool.  I looked behind me in the reception and my eye stopped on this attractive young couple. Mind you I am pretty dead sure that the woman was about 3 months pregnant.  I said to them, "This is what you have to look forward to!" They looked at each other and giggled. Then I laughed in my big hardy har har way *which might I add it quite contagious*. 

Lily and Eva were well behaved but then they kind of lost it while I was waiting to pay.  Lily was laying down in the booth and sticking her feet up the sides of the upholstery. Then I swear Eva did this world federation body slam on Lil and then the couple next to our booth stopped eating and stared at us.  I am proud to say that they have some Nep in them after all.  You could never take Erik and I out to dinner or anywhere for that matter when we were that age. We were a mess.

Lil and Eva

For those that care *and I know you secretly do* my quilting on my skirt and jacket are slowly but steadily getting finished.  Just the sleeve of the jacket took the entire weekend. Just quilting that is.

Special thank you to Christine Jonson for sending some free knit fabrics my way.  Christine is on the cover of last months Threads magazine.  She designs her own patterns for garments. She mainly focuses on knit fabrics which she sells on her online boutique. She is truly a creative genius.  Her patterns are very straight forward. It took many trial and error but I have my favorite patterns from her website like for simple tops, skirts which I just repeat over and over with different knits.

The most amazing part of sewing a Jonson pattern is that the end result is something you can keep in your closet forever. The most well sewn quality garment you will every have. I love mixing and matching my pieces.  I like her patterns too because I can sew a top in about 3 hours.  SHAM WOW. I know.

Latest trip to Garlands in Oak Creek Canyon, AZ.  This was not our cabin but I like this one.


jaljen said...

I'm glad the patterns from 'threads' are good because those fabrics on the front cover have given me a mega-headache! Two good-looking women dressed in.. in.... patterns that would have disgraced the 60s.

Nice cabin.

Sam Harvey said...

You make my day nail queen!

Devon said...

love the pic of your girls... they sound like they have a lot of personality! hehe

i haven't been reading blogs lately... sheesh... i need to catch up.... what in the world are you working on now!? a jacket and skirt! i gotta see this!!

Katy said...

I just love that sweet! :)

Like my sister, above, I love the pic of your girls too! So cute! :)