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Monday, April 25, 2011

Bound Button Holes

My latest project is another couture chanel skirt and jacket using this amazing tweed I picked up from MOOD Fabrics in LA.  No I am not showing the pattern.  It is so late now! I don't even know where it is now!  This project is going to be amazing.  Why?  I learned some tricks from Claire Shaeffer on how to make tailor knots and back stitches.  These small details is huge in my world of couture garment making.  For the last million years of my life I had been making knots and tying it like 10 times to get this huge knot ball to have at the end of my string.  Claire taught me to just go in the way I entered.  I am a sewing geek I know.  For this years birthday I asked Mom to buy Shaeffer's DVD with footage of how to do some of these crazy details in her book that I had to read 10 million times but still did them wrong.  This is how I get my kicks.  Like I said, this time this jacket and skirt will be amazing. Like laser beams and shit.

It is so 11pm now and I just scanned this for you.  This project should only take me about a year.  I am serious.  Now I know how to make a Tailor's Knot. I am super dangerous now.  I pretty much sew one seam per day.  The majority of my day is spent being an architect.  I manage to squeeze in about an hour a day of sewing. 

Claire, if you ever read this can you come over here and show me how to do a BOUND button hole.  Why didn't you show this on your video?  Baby steps. Second, you are a sewing GODDESS! 


jaljen said...

Laura, you are SO streamofconsciousness. Let me get this right. There's something special about the way you're going to do button holes? But what about the buttons? And why the buds? Are the buttons going to be like buds? Oh, and even on a model I hate that skirt length with those shoes. The jacket and the bag and the scarf are way too much. Who styled that model? It wasn't me.

Oh, and wouldn't it be terrible to have button-phobia? I've often thought of collecting buttons. I had a jar once that my Mum made up for me so I could teach my children to count. I loved that jar. Maybe more than they did...

Maybe you could design a sewn/tailored building? Call it a yurt or something. Ahem.

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