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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Edgy and Sexy

What a great ending to a day! I would buy this clutch and I am not even done with it! I hope you approve! It is getting edgy and sexy don't you think?  This is the back side of the clutch.

Front side. I love the folded up edges. I used snaps. Zipper nation baby! I tried to be tactful with the hardware. I have yet to seal the edges with Shoe Goo. This is making me think that I will be ruining the overall look. I have to finish the edges still. I will keep you posted. The guts of the clutch are being constructed still. They will be done in black silk.  The silk is gorgeous and thick.  My Aunt Rita brought is back from her trip to Thailand. So, what are you thinking?  Oh also, I ordered brass chain for the the strap. Can't wait till it comes in the mail!

Tonight's tennis was super fun.  There was a net missing *post and all* so we had to rotate out a lot. Mike from NC was back from his 4 week motorcycle trip to Florida. Yes, Monkey Mike rode in the snow the whole way!  I wish he would have taken me.  Sounds like fun if you ask me!  Mike's wife showed up with their pet monkey.  If you watch the video at the end you will see her. When I was in between games she climbed up my leg and I snuggled her! She licked my salty tennis skin and I made squeaky sounds that she apparently liked as she continued to climb on top of my head.  It was just fun to be with my tennis group. Good times.

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