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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Anybody Have Some Sweet Origami Tricks?

Hello my friend! Let's just not talk about the clutch prototypes *yes that is plural* that I have been working on for the last two days ok. To put it behind us is best. Simply put, if I wouldn't buy it, how am I going to sell it?  I am at my best when I need to start a new prototype. I need to create a little tiny purse that is sexy and edgey. That is where I am headed.   The first thought that comes to me when I need edgy inspiration is the photo above. I think what Ndeur is doing with paper is so amazing and new. This is a folded paper shoe.  Think of what a sexy little purse could look like with this kind of thinking.

Should I just google my way into origami tomorrow? I know I will study origami but I can tell you I am not going to sign up for some membership to some origami society and pay some outrageous fee just so I can look at "do it yourself" torture origami.  Remember the Marvel comics website Lara!

Look at this trippy paper installation by Ndeur. I love the simplicity. I am not saying I will make it out of paper! I want to do a purse that is different. I don't want to do another clutch to throw on the pile o' clutches that is already out there. Lame!

This is another paper installation from Ndeur. I would love to have lunch with these guys tomorrow. Good times. I think they are from France? Anybody know?  I am hoping I will go to sleep and wake up with a fantastic bacon sizzlin' idea when I wake up. I will be like Benjamin Franklin with a fresh idea.  I already have some plans up my sleeve. Hee Hee Hee!  I will have lunch with Ndeur and Chris Farley. Done!

1 comment:

fashion westie said...

I can't cartwheel. To save myself. Ever. I can't spin. To save myself. I puke. Can't origami either. Does a paper plane count?

But I like the idea of this origami business. Paper cut was a form of torture you know-so watch those folding techniques, you don't want to be spilling your secrets.

A sexy clutch that has little hidden foldy bits to stop my siblings from nicking off with my coins? And my sis from pinching my lipgloss-it's MAC for godsake, not a $1 cheapie!!!??

Or perhaps to confuse a mugger who gives up trying to find my goods and gives it back to me in total frustration?

Intrigued by your inspiration-waiting for your bacon...