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Monday, February 22, 2010

Knee Highs and Camo

I dug this up in the New York Times over Sunday tea. I never thought I would tip my tennis visor at camo but.... Oh I think I am liking it.  I only like it when the skirts are high with those high dark socks and chunky sandals.  I must do it! 


Bolo tie is TIGHT! I think it might literally be too tight. Her face is ready to explode.  I wouldn't wear or design with camo but I would get myself started with Army greens for sure.  I am planning for Fall Collection. Indeed. I like that word indeed. Means yes you know!

 Loud applause for the flannel layer peaking out. Neutral gray is awesome, probably because I have greyish greenish eyes you know!  I think the fringe on the bag could have been deleted. Looks like she is carrying her mop to go clean up at Baskin Robbins.  The socks and chunky sandals I will dream about for now.

This one needs style coach in a bad way. I did buy this military vest from Uncle Sam's in New York. I will have fun with this.  If only she could loose the denim and put on a short mini with those socks and chunkies. She don't know betta...

I was also inspired by this photo of the Park Avenue Armory  in New York.  This is where I want to have a runway show for SAM HARVEY some day.  If you have some connections just shout to me baby!  Of course you know I cannot leave architecture out of the picture.

OK - let's just drool for a moment over this library shot from the Armory.  This is all about military influence comingling into an edgy, clean and as always eclectic collection a'broowin in my membrainage.  I love this building because it was built in Lincoln's time, 1881 to serve as military, cultural and social center for the Regiment as well as New York society of the Gilded Age.  All goes back to John D. doesn't it!  Impressive how my mind works isn't it?!  I love New York and all of the history that I have yet to fully comprehend.  At some point it can be a waste of time.

Wouldn't it be way cool to have my runway show here in the Drill Hall!  Oh apple pie!

This is what I worked on with Eva tonight.  I have been waiting patiently for this particular homework project you see. Every since that day in architecture college when this guy came in with a fully awesome cork topo model all impeccable.  I remember thinking "If only Dad was an architect, I wouldn't have to think so much!".

Any how, back to Eva's "Create Your Own Continent Take Home Project", which specifically says parents should try not to help too much.  Well screw that.  This is my turn, I went all out. I cut everything out of cardboard. Eva has a lake, ocean front, island, peninsula, river and high cliffs.  Look at these guns!  I think she said the theme was going to be candy land or eye ball land.  I am so bad, Eva's like, "Mommy, I have to do something", I'm like "Uh you could make the compass.". I will let her do some honest.  Devilish smile is creeping over me......


X said...

Beautiful inspirations!

Sam Harvey said...

Hi Maskenlady! I must thank you for visiting my blog! I must also give credit to Rag and Bone the credit is all their for the military inspirations. The pics were from none other than All the best my fashion friend!