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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Rainbow Power

Hi there! This the blog about nothing. I don't really have anything crazy or earth shattering. I just feel really great. That is the right time to blog I guess. I am going to Mom's house for dinner in 10 minutes you see, have to be witty.

You want to know how I did in the tennis tournament today?  It was rather soggy.  We played one set and then the balls were getting soggy. Jim was lobbing the balls so we had to look up into the rain drops *that crafty Canadian*.  We partied at Dale's home and we plan to complete the tournament tomorrow at 3. I think I will do even better. I want to win so badly! My serves were great. I double faulted only once.

Dawn likes my zipper bag with the bordeaux, gold and blue accents.  I had it at Dale's house for the party. It is really cool how my tennis friends want to see me succeed. Dawn wants me to make a bag for her. All too cool. The most wonderful moment was comming out of the gym and seeing a huge St. Louis Arch type of rainbow in the sky. It was full and powerful, not some half ass rainbow.  Everything is damp and crisp.  I can't wait to play tennis tomorrow.  It was all meant to be. Here I come Mom!


Anonymous said...

I just got back from a tennis match myself. I LOVE that bag. Where can I buy your bags? xo Mish

Susan said...

Awesome bag!!! Good luck with the tennis, racquet sports are so fun! xx

Sam Harvey said...

Hey Susan and Mish! Thank you for visiting! I am just about to head out to the tournament. The sky is really dark and it is cold. I look awesome though. I am wearing a palace blue hoody top by Body Gear and a white skirt. I am bringin' on the hurt!