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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Avatar and Balenciaga Blue Sandals

Hello my friends!  It is my pre-birthday weekend. Monday is the magical day of Lara. Well, I sat for 3 hours watching Avatar today as part of the celebration.  Who's idea was it to cut out intermission? At least you can take a leak when you watch Gone With The Wind!

This movie grabbed me when I saw the blue people.  I was into it competely. I thought it was cheesy when chief muscle guy with the overly built arms was drinking coffee as they are about to blow the tree colony.   I would leave out the part of destroying the tree colony.  We don't need another titanic sinking bit. So cliche!  I don't like to see movies that take me too far into death and destruction. Enough already.  I liked the romance the best. More of that please. I see you. Ruff!

The beginning was cool because I felt like joining the blue guys and learning how to ride one of those flying dragons. You know the dragons wouldn't even give me a second glance because it is the black panther that I would ride around on. That's right, you know it!

I took myself for a dilusional shopping spree about 30 minutes ago.  Rules: buy whatever you want!

What can I say, I want to be blue now!

This the kind of color I am talking about! Wear it and weep! I love how the sweater is transparent!

Perfect for walking my black panther on the beach. Doing it! Are you feeling this or what!!!

I am inspired by this little number. I am diving into my clutch design tomorrow and this will send me off into a whole new direction.

Honestly, I wouldn't be caught at Ace Hardware with this nasty thing but I do like the simplicity of the design. I need to focus on simple for tomorrow. Stop with the crazy mad scientist engineering. Just let it rip and have some fun!

Happy Almost Birthday to Me!

1 comment:

fashion westie said...

I will be myself. Period. Thank you for your comment.

That fringe vest looks like it wants to be mine. I see you.

Saw Avatar on Friday in 3D. Cool effects (hey, I can be bias, I'm a kiwi and Weta Workshop did the effects) but slack in the story line. I feel sorry for military peeps, this movie did nothing to change the perception they're all gun-slinging-blow-you-all-to-high-heaven types.