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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Feel the Love

Hi you! Can you feel the love out there today! I am eating Sweethearts and listening to Black Eyed Peas. Oh, and throwing away all my old Minnie Jeanne shit. What a great feeling! You know cleaning out your clutter makes way for more cool stuff, more love, more gifts and less stuff to keep track of.

What do you think of Eva's Valentine mailbox. Did you make a mailbox for all your Valentines? My bathroom counter is heaped with birthday and Valentines cards. I could just simply say "Love Is Where You Find It" but I am not going to let you off that easy today. I am in the mood for love.

Lily made a handmade card for Tucker. This was his Littlest Pet Shop card.  Yeah, Lily gave him two cards!! Oh Lil!!!

This was Tucker's second card. I love the blue against the brown background. Toulouse would be proud!

This is my JI Joe inspired handmade card from none other than Erik my brother.  He is 5 years younger than me and still plays with Joes!  Do you love how he used a scrap book card with high heel motif?  Looks like Avatar all over again! 

In my book, handmade cards are the best.  This little number was made by Eva and Lily. Eva is into pop up cards.  The cake is a pop up.  Lily still includes Enzo and Bella our dogs even thougth they are in doggie fantasy heaven. 
This is my Valentine card made by Jeffrey.  Did I tell you that my man and I have known each other since 1989.  Mighty fine isn't he?  Do you love the Skibu cats everywhere?!  Jeffrey is the master at well - too many things to count. One of his specialties is the computer in general. He can photoshop anything.  Did I tell you that I wouldn't have passed Physics without him?

I found this in my sink one day. Eva is incredible with the white board. Wonder where she got that from?!

This is a straggler photo. When the sky is really dark in the desert, it feels like we are underwater. That sweet house is mom's house that Jeffrey and I designed a few years back. That gives you an idea of my commute distance to my mom's house. Feel the love!


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