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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Shoe Goo Hair Do

Hi there! I hope you like this shot of color injection. I was late to see Gaston for this shot so you better look at it.

This is me running back to my car to make my hair cut appointment. Red Door Wigwam here I come.  Look at us, we are happy palm trees!  This is Litchfield Park home of the Wigwam Resort.  Cow poachers and cotton pickers used to call this their vacation spot.  It is on it's way to recovery. Jerry Colangelo and his task force just bought this so should be interesting to see what happens.

Almost there Gaston!

Hey, where are you Gaston!  See me without makeup.  I just bought these Hudson jeans with lots of holes. I was cracking up over Gaston's story of a woman who wanted a Renaissance Festival hair do for her weekend at the festival. I almost fell out of my chair. He was trying to be all polite when he started the story like, have you ever been to the Renaissance Festival? How about no.

Oh yeah origami!  I almost canned the idea but then there was Fashion Westie who challenged me with her origami comments to my blog. I am going with the sharp corners. I am not going to get too detailed with the details. Let's just say that sharp corners means thin. You can't do origami with an oven mitt yah know!

Here is my masterplan. Now don't go tell everyone you know. Just between us cool cats right?

The players: silver vinyl, zippers and black shoe goo. Yes, shoe goo! That part especially don't tell anyone. This is going to be super fly!

Shoe Goo idea came out of View2 magazine. See how the jeans and shoes are held with the Goo*panting*?!  Skaters use this stuff to heal their shoes. This is going to be so cool. I will keep you updated! Until then, I will do a dilusional half pipe with Tony Hawk!


fashion westie said...

Shoe goo is an undiscovered secret weapon! Go you!!!

P.s Thanks for being a fan on FB! Do you have a fan page too?

Lovers, Saints and Sailors said...

Thanks Hon'!

This bag sounds super cool, I'm looking forward to seeing it when you're done.