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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Running with The Boulders

Hi there! Now you can see why I have been away for so long.  I think it was like Tuesday when I realized that I had a meeting with the buyer for retail at The Boulders for this Thursday, today.  I promised myself that I would finish the bag before 8:30am this morning.  Holy junk, what a crazy last two days!

This is my helper who gets a lot of the credit.  I set it for 25 minutes. During that time I have to work no matter what and then break for 10 minutes.  That was in the beginning of putting this bag together when I would rather deep clean my oven or clean out my car.

This was me at midnight last night. I was in studio mode.  When I am in studio mood, everything takes a back seat and a seat belt while your at it.  I get into a kind of focus that freaks most people out. When I am in this mode I truly believe I could work up a space ship and send people to outer space with just my exacto and glue. Answers for putting things together comes easy to me. 

This is me looking at Black Mountain in Carefree. I am parked putting on my lip liner, listening to classical music and eating a piece of cold toast with jelly on it. 

This is the lobby of The Boulders Golden Door Spa.   It was a great meeting. I was early, I had a new bag design and Michelle was a gracious host.

The day ended great.   You guessed it, tennis!

As I entered the chain link courts that are all contorted from the past storms I was feeling low and sorry for myself.   I needed to turn my night around so I said to myself, "Wouldn't it be nice if this serve landed in the box?".  Eventually, more of my balls were landing in the box. Then I said to myself. Wouldn't it be nice if I got into ready position after I served. Sure enough, I was winning some games.   It was the idea of just focusing on the little things at hand that made the night great.

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