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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Old Pueblo Manana

I am just about ready for tomorrow's trip to the 'Ol Pueblo' or for those who don't know, Tucson, Arizona.  I am taking this here bag to the Arizona Inn for Patty Doar.  She owns this amazing Spanish Colonial Revival style Inn. It has been in the family since it's beginnings in 1927, when Isabella Greenway bought the property. 

This is the entrance to the largest residence that you can stay in. Most of the rooms are much smaller.  I haven't stayed in this one, but I bet the Rockefellers did. Yes, Junior and Abbey came to the Arizona Inn quite frequently. I love coming here anytime of the year. Summer is best because of the huge pool and ice cream sundays.

I am taking this Boxed Canyon tote 'Bolt' to Canyon Ranch.  This bag is specifically for Laura Hittleman per her request. I have never been so I promise to take some pics.

I am taking this Boxed Canyon tote to the Ritz Carlton Dove Mountain. This Ritz just opened up so I am curious to see what's up.  I am sure that nobody can beat Arizona Inn for the quaint feeling and charm. I am such a sucker for awnings and potted plants. What can I say.

This arm band is Tucson.  If I have time tomorrow I want to find  the shop on 4th Ave. to load up on these babies.  This thing is sick!  It is so art student, I wear burks to work, I glue plastic baby doll heads to my VW bus. That is the real Tucson that I know and love.

I did go to college there, so I have quite a photo library. This is downtown Tucson. Best thing to do is hop on a bike early in the morning and bring a camera already. Didn't I tell you, never leave without the digital dudes!

Yes, this is a bus stop!

I love these little mini pieces of grand architecture. I could just sit on those steps and pet some cats.

These are garbage cans on 4th Avenue. Bicycle bones all glued together. See what I told you, Tucson is chock full of funky artists. It's like Austin Texas but way cooler because it's a dry heat. 

If you are still reading this then you are really cool.  This is my favorite thing to read VIEW. It has all the latest fashion trends starting with Summer 2010 and Winter 2012. Hows that for planning ahead. I plan on reading this at Arizona Inn tomorrow while I sit on the veranda and have lunch.  Yip Yip Yipeeeeeeee!

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