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Monday, November 30, 2009

Yeah I Did It Again!

i have created perfection.  i love the holidays because there are deadlines for gift giving.  with my choice of saving my funds, it kind of forces me to be resourceful which is why i decided to make a camp shirt for my husband jeffrey. i didn't have any doubts that i could do it. in fact i knew i needed to use my bernina sewing machine anyhow. there are so many cool things that it can do, and so far after a year of ownership i have only scratched the surface.  did i tell you that i don't just turn on my machine, i boot it up - oh yeah!

i had been avoiding button holes.  my machine does them so beautifully.  all i have to do is pick the style of button hole, the size, lock in position and just sit back and watch. men's shirts are very complex. there are so many components like collars, cuffs and each area needs precision.  i did screw up a couple of times but other than that it came out really great. i am proud of myself. this project helped me feel more confident with the next project at hand which is coming up with another minnie jeanne bag style...

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