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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Ready Get Set Goooooooooo!

I just thought of more detailia for those who are IP fans.  Intergalactic Planetary is so easy to get to you just have to think of it so software involved.  Some of my friends are bitter about IP becuause they are so used to working hard for feeling so good. it just doesn't have to be that way.  my name on IP in gamma.  i am so gamma too.  the more you laugh when you are creating your universe the faster you can rocket through space.  similar to uncle albert in mary poppins. so i usually hang around really funny people so i can go really fast.  i listen to philip glass when i am just floating around enjoying the work that i have done.  of course i work in IP too becuase i like to work. you don't have to though. when i want to rocket really fast i listen to party in the usa.  this song helps me be grounded in the fact that i am just floating in deep dark space.  i love rocket speed.  i don't pay too much attention to other universes, but i do like to punch through them. when i rocket in just the dark starry stuff i feel like i am not going anywhere.  my only work so far in ip is just going really fast and stopping and feeling how my stopping point feels.  then i get pulled down to earth quite quickly when lily wants me to take a littlest pet shop dollhouse down from her tippy top shelf in her closet. but let me tell you a little bit of ip goes a very very long way.

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