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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

What Can I Give Today?

How to be more authentic.  I learned yesterday from Lon Safko that being authentic on the internet or anywhere for that matter is the key to success. Key to success doesn't sound authentic anymore.

A friend of mine sent me a song to communicate what they felt, well to me it wasn't very authentic at all.  It is too easy.  I like when the written word comes straight from the heart even if it is not polished, I get the feeling of where they are. I understand what Lon is talking about. If I listen to a song - well anyone can listen to the song and the meaning can be for anyone. For all I know this person could be sending this song out to everyone so how is it so special or meaningful to me?

Today I can give hope to being more authentic. I can let my guard down and be more of my authentic self.  As I compose I can relax and know that right at this moment is what I am living. I have worked myself up to this moment in time to let the best flow from me and the recieve the best from others.

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