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Monday, November 23, 2009

Running with Pickles

an eva and lily story to start the week off. eva is 9 and lily is 6, they are sisters and my daughters.  yesterday lily was home with me all day and eva went out with jeffrey all day.  lily is a different girl when she is with me, she is less competative and listens much better.  she wasn't feeling well so we read books outside under a mesquite tree. she is a busy body and so am i. we always joke about everything, i am reading a book and so she just can't sit still, she goes over to the tree and starts pulling leaves off and dumping them on the book i am trying to read. then we start arranging the tiny leaves on the characters in the book. we are reading little red riding hood and minnie mouse is red.  well the leaves start looking like pickles.  everytime we turn a page we incorporate and arrange pickles in the story. minnie is throwing a bunch of pickles in a basket for her granny, big bad wolf is carrying a pickle on his way to granny's house,  there is a clothes line with pickles hanging from it at granny's house etc.  this is classic lily and mommy time.

this is the best part, when eva finally came home later that day, lily ran up to eva and said "I missed you".  that is what i love about kids, they never hold anything back.  one last lily story.  lily's question to me yesterday was why do gila monsters bite you and never let go. then she said, do gila monsters bite their own family and never let go?  what must go thru her mind when she is alone is kinda cool to think about...

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