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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Getting Connected

Ok - today was a brain explosion with all the fire hose of information about blogs, tweets, linkedin, facebook and intergalactic planetary.  Cannot forget IP. IP is by far the coolest game out there.  Intergalactic Planetary is a virtual interactive game where you can create your own universe. Maybe someone will read this that does gaming and we can seriously hook up. If you don't know me, well you really need to becuase I am a fountain of ideas.  I have so many cool ideas for creating universes.  You could buy your friends black holes, astroid belts, moons, planets and of course a billion billion billion amount of stars. It would be really cool with all the dark matter and fuzzy cloudy stuff. You could get extra points for the number of planets that orbit yours. The real concept behind this is who is the most attractive black hole. Who eventually attracts the most matter.  Yeah, it's time for me to go for my bike ride. I am so excited how I am so connected. Imagine that I just started this last June. Amazing. Hurray for me!


Tom Bailey said...

I like the IP idea you have a great and fun to read blog. Keep it up.

jeff said...

Sounds like astoroids from the 80's. Where can I play this game?

Sam Harvey said...

I will promise to be as real as I can even when I am not in my vortex of sunshine. I just don't want to be one of those blah blah blah bloggers. I am out there on the fringe where not many people go. You will never here me blah.