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Friday, November 27, 2009

Denim Skies

the day is winding down. i sit on my back patio and watch the sun fading into the horizon. the clouds look like greyish bluish denim ripped with white fringe on the edges. i can faintly hear people laughing on the atc's that they are ripping throught the desert with. they probably just crushed a beer can on their forehead and threw it into the desert.  it is very quiet. my trees have grown so much that there are only a couple of pockets that my eye can travel to the end of the horizon. the mountains are dark purple. i own everything i can see.  the kids went to nana and papas and for once today it is quiet as i have my green tea and eat ginger bread cookies. i am taking a break from fixing the camp shirt that i am making. i screwed up on the front edge thing where the linear buttons go. it just didn't look right. now that i ripped out the seams, i feel better already.  i will feel even better once i get over this learning curve. good thing denim is so foregiving.

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