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Thursday, November 26, 2009


I give thanks everyday so today doesn't really feel different to me.  i never forget what i have. i am thankful that i am healthy and strong, i have a great memory, i am not afraid to try new things, i work for myself, i am free to do what i want to do, i can walk outside if i want to, i can drive anywhere i want to, my kids are happy most of the time, i have lots of resources, i get my veggies from tonopah robs, working out of my house is working out really well for me right now, i can sew my own clothes, everything works out for me, i have lots of friends who love me, my mom has always been close to me, opportunities come to me all the time, i love my tennis group, i am getting better at tennis, i react quickly, i can solve things by myself - don't have to call my mom as much, dj lance is so cool, i have the funniest brother, my husband loves me, my kids think i am a great mom, i know what my weaknesses are, i know what i need to improve, i really kick it on IP, people think i am wierd, i was born to blog.  most thankful that i can't ever get it wrong and i am never going to get it done...happy thanksgiving! all the best to you.

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