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Friday, November 20, 2009

Oh How I Smacked It!

Last night I went to my tennis in estrella moutain ranch. i have been playing with these 8 approx tennis ballers since the sweaty days of summer and there is something transformative about our gathering.  when i first started playing i was the only girl. the first game i forced myself to play i don't even remember.  i was just freaked about playing with such good players my crack was chafed, nails broken and blisters on my hands big time. as i kept forcing myself to play nothing seemed to get easier.

i am super competative and if i don't have an edge i want to break something or just scream.  but last night i decided to just smile more and go with the flow.  scott, a military guy played on my team as doubles and it was really fun. we got our asses kicked by cookie and dick, they are retired and from minneapolis. scott took it with a smile and we just laughed the whole night.  i did order a new babolat racket which is definitely improving my game.  i like it becuase it just gives me more power.  i hit some great backhands last night.

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