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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

We Just Found A Man Carving A Log. Really.

While Mom was waiting to 'pick a daisy' she found this event on the bulletin board of Pegasus Coffee House. If you don't know what the hell I'am talking about then read the last blog.  It was the socks. Remember?  Mom and I looked at our map of Bainbridge Island, Washington like two geeks holding sparklers during a 4th of July parade in front of all the locals. We wanted to find out where this craft fair thing was at Blakely Harbor Park.  According to the note on the board, it was over in about 45 minutes.   I told you I was going to navigate with Mom.

So Mom was driving naturally.  She is my Mom.  She is so cute.  Anyway, what were we talking about anyway. Gawd.  Well, it was so gorgeous that it was hard to just be the navigator.  Damn it all!  I was rubber necking big time over all the pine trees.  See the photo above?  It was like that except we were going around the harbor through a narrow 2 lane road.  We were off the grid.  There were houses tucked away in the mature trees with people out painting what ever they could before it rained again.  It was easy to spot the houses because of the bold color choices.  As we found our destination, all we could see was a narrow trail leading into the thick forest.  This wasn't a craft fair.

Well it was far from a craft fair.  It was the coolest thing.  We spoke to this lady sitting on a log in a clearing as to which way we should take.  She was oiled up on something because she just smiled at us.  We picked a "Art On The Trail" pamphlet and started our journey down this 2" wooded trail. OK, it was 3 inches wide.  Gawd, you would correct me.   We were both delighted to find the artists still at their nature stations doing their thing.  I mean when was the last time you just came upon David Franklin carving a log in the forest?

Kathleen McKeehen drawing botanicals along the pathway.  Melinda West, a basket weaver had left, but it was really cool to see her organic creations just sitting in the forest.   I felt like we were playing Swiss Family Robinson and I had to take my baskets to find coconuts.  It was fun walking ahead not knowing who we would bump into next.  Mom and I were so impressed with ourselves for finding such a cool happening in the forest.  I kept looking down at my cool socks too.

This is Ellen Wixted wrapping up for the day.  I cropped out the tree of her subject. Sorry...  Ellen camped out by the Generator Building.

The juxtaposition of this sublime Generator Building decaying in this idyllic bay setting is just too good. Don't you think?  I didn't take the pic of the whole building because honestly, I wouldn't want to build my dream home in this area because of it, but I loved the heavily tagged parts.

Cha Cha Cha window.  Yes, that is a Chia Pet reference.

My 6 year old Lily now thinks she is in control of what I post. She insisted that I post Brite Futures, Sophisticated Pony Tail.  It is a forshadow of the next post which completes the final leg of the Washington trip at the Music Experience downtown.  Don't miss it. 

The heart shaped pattern of rocks in the foreground is by artist Diana Liljelund she is into mixed-media sculpture.  The house in the background I want.  I want to be the person in the boat paddling up to that house to get s'mores ready for the evening.

Did I just hear something?  You want to see what she made don't you.  You just like to wind me up!

Pretty cool aye?


Vix said...

Do you have an adventure each time you leave the house? Honesty it's amazing how you always manage to stumble on something interesting and unique.Those rocks are pretty cool and I do love the run down house with the flora all around it.
You rock! xxx

Devon said...

you totally hit the jackpot!!

Anonymous said...

That video is so 80's MTV.
Love it!
You just rock that boat.

Blair McLeod said...

way cool!! what a great adventure!!