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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Hendrix was Obsessed with Dylan

Jimi Hendrix spandex flame suit*i mean really what would you call it? and beige loafers taken at Experience Music in Seattle.

I had taken lots of other photos but why show Cobain's bashed to hell guitar when I can't stand his music?    There was this child that couldn't sit down.  I was trying to watch Eric Clapton talk about Hendrix but this little boy was standing next to me on this catepillar modular seating.  He was very proud of how he arranged all the seating this way before Mom and I came in to the ongoing video documentary about Hendrix.  I love how Jimi played the crap out of his instrument.   I like how he didn't think he could sing in the beginning.  He used to carry around Bob Dylan music wherever he went.  Hendrix was obsessed with Dylan.  Then he thought to himself that if Dylan could make it with a weird voice then he had just as much of a chance.  During Hendrix's initial trip to England the only thing he could talk about were his concern for having the right amps for his gig and meeting Clapton.  The guy was hard core!

I read and looked at as much of Hendrix's life as I could in the Music Experience in Seattle.   Then Mom gave me the look like she does when she doesn't want me to take part in something like riding motorcycles.  

Then I annoyed her by snarling out Purple Haze lyrics just as she was trying to go to sleep that night.  She kinda liked it I think. 

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