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Thursday, July 29, 2010

You Are Beautiful

The fantastic day in Bainbridge Island with Mom last weekend started with my outfit.  Newly bought raisin colored Clarks with walking on roses killer socks.  I bought and wore right out of the store.  Short shorts that were army green, white top, pearls, new army green Michael Stars camp shirt and of course my red Cabela's ball cap.  If they didn't say it, they were thinking, those are cool socks.  Washington has cool socks. 

Seriously, this day trip was so fun and memorable.  Can I bronze this day with Mom forever?  I felt like I had a really big prize to show off to Mom that day.  You see she had not explored Bainbridge yet.  I first explored this island during my Color Workshop taught by Leatrice Eiseman two years ago.  This workshop transformed me.    

Mom and I woke up super early, had breakfast at OTC, Oak Table Cafe. The most amazing thin Swedish pancakes, Lingon berry sauce and thick bacon.

Even when we were buying truck loads of shoes I was thinking of Leatrice.  I said to the shop owner "Well I will take the raisin colored shoes." They liked how I described the color as raisin.  Anybody else would have said "duh...brown".  Color buying power is in the name.  Would you prefer a baby poop green lap top cover or this lime peel green.  Same color, different name.   Well you do know Eiseman lives on Bainbridge?  Well get this, just as Mom and I are leaving the farmer's market I see a beautiful woman in a gorgeous coordinated pink linen day trippin' blouse and pants and totally drop dead accessorization and it was Leatrice Eiseman in the parking lot.  I am telling you, it just gets better.  Have you ever seen flowers in olive oil canisters at a farmer's market? 

This electric transformer box *scary how I know so much* was placed in the parking lot as we said goodbye to Lee.

There are no bad stops in Bainbridge. Eagle Harbor Book Co. book store where I picked up Catcher in the Rye.

Random Playmobil pirate adhered to car that looked like an orca whale.
  No, I am not showing you the car.  Stop it.  And yes, of course I took a picture of the car.  Ok, I will think about it.

The most amazing coffee house I have ever stepped a rose sock covered foot in.

I just stumbled onto this.  It was just one of those days.  It was the socks, I am telling you!  Look at the perfect light fixture.  This is an example of 25% yin and 75% yang.  The dark wood and casework is yang and the white ceiling is yin.  If the ceiling was dark this would have really pissed me off.

Our favorite art gallery on the Island.  Wouldn't it be great to have these as your everyday glasses to use for drinks?



Vintage Vixen said...

Wonderful post, my dear! Those blooms in olive oil cans are inspired and I wanna drink coffee with you in that gorgeous little coffee shop. xxx

Anonymous said...

This coffee shop looks like a great place to hang out... very cosy.

Micaela said...

i seriously want to spend a day with you just exploring.


trisha too said...

a w e s o m e socks!!!

I would like to meet the owner of that car; the Captain Ahab Playmobil is inspired . . .


Sam Harvey said...

@vint vix - your blog is so amazing. you are so gracious. you are so inspiring!really you are!
@aDeLiNe - yes, the car. it was a hand job. well hand done. wow. hand glued. if you look closely there is a tiny life raft glued to the side.
@Micaela - you are beautiful. you have such a huge heart.
@trisha too- mom went on a orka wale boating expedition. i guess it is really a big deal in washington. would you go float next to one of those?

Anonymous said...

As a local I could tell you many stories about that coffee shop and the issues that have been discussed and settled there in the window seat . . . Orcamry, the car that sea lions fear . . . did your watch run slower while you were here? Island time . . .

Sam Harvey said...

anonymous - please reveal yourself. i love bainbridge. please give me a call so we can chat about bainbridge some mo. next post is more on bainbridge!

Melissa said...

Haha, loving the car sighting!