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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Do Rattle Snakes Bite Through Denim Pants?

My phone is smaller than yours.

My meeting at Sanctuary Resort and Spa in Paradise Valley, AZ with Vance is next Tuesday. I am so excited to show him the runner for the massage tables.  If he digs this, then he will want a minimum of 15.  Do you know anybody that likes to sew and lives on a mountain near me?   This is such a huge opportunity for me and well you know Sam Harvey of course. 

I am so proud of how I finished the runner.  I went to a sewing lab at Bernina Connection in Phoenix last Thursday because the trim really looked hanus.  It was well worth my time.  There were other sewers there who had other projects.  One woman was hemming her husbands pants.  Whatever.  Most of these ladies were sewing these laptop bags that made me want to use one to hurl into.  But I was so quiet.  Like a mouse in the corner with shitty fluourescent lighting taking out my billionth stitch.  Cecilia was the instructor and she is amazing!  I love her! She showed me a simple way to do the mitered corner that looks totally professional.  It was like 9ish by the time I got out of there and was so starving I drove to this Pita Jungle place across the street and ordered a spicy chicken pita that was not spicy.  The thing was as big as a  sack of new flour.  I didn't want to stay there and eat it. I mean I still had my Lara name badge on.  I looked like a train wreck so I just took it in my car to eat it. While driving.  Have you ever tried to eat something that big while driving?

 Well it was fire hot and so i just opened the huge thing to let it cool off.  But I was so hungry I had to have a bite at the next light.  I couldn't see what I was eating.  I mean there was brocoli in this thing.  I just decided to pull into a Burger King parking lot and eat the mother.  So there I was eating this wamping burrito thing in Burger King parking lot.  I was so happy.


Vintage Vixen said...

Blimey, those runners are just gorgeous. Fingers crossed for a massive order. How amazing does that spa look? If it was me I'd try and blag a few treatments in with the cash he's gonna be paying you. Well, you do need to test how strong the runners have to be, don't you?
I'll come and heklp you, can't sew very well and live on the other side of the world but I make great tea and can chat for England! xxx

Heather {A Measure Of...} said...

You are definitely invited to my tea party, especially in your Chanel fashion! Can you bring a runner along? I think this thing is beautiful! Good luck! Hope you get to make many more for the spa!
And the story of your not spicy spicy burrito with broccoli in it is hilarious. Sounds pretty yummy tho!

julia louise said...

Love those runners ;-)

Chelsea Talks Smack said...

yes, super cute runners- agreed.

fromthelaundryroom said...

Love the runners! Never eat anything in the dark that contains broccoli. That's just wrong. So glad you pulled over.

funcolors said...

The runner is cool. I love the rythm of the pattern. But it was the burrito story that inspired me to pull out my keyboard drawer, take my feet off the desk and post a comment.

It made me laugh. I live in El Paso, Texas and if spicy burrito is advertised, then damnit, it'd better be spicy. And who puts broccoli in a burrito? That just ain't right.