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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Jet Propelled Clubs and Dark Stuff

For some odd thing I have been craving the viewing time of Harry Potter.  Not just any Potter, but the first one.  I went out of my way to get the movie at Blockbuster.  Turns out they didn't have the first one titled  Evil Doer of Nescafe or something. It is always the same plot you know that!  Well I picked up Chamber of Secrets.  When I was checking out, the young kid behind the counter was like "Harry Potter Aye?".  I was like "Yeah, this movie is due back next year at this time."  

Why I can't stop thinking of Harry Potter, I don't know.  So far I think it is Hagrid.  I like how he tells little Hermionee that everything is alright and she need not even think about worries.  I also like how Hagrid has tons of bird cages, old boots and cave dweller stuff hanging from his ceiling.  HEY, maybe he is the modern version of Captain Caveman. 

Do I remember correctly that cavy would jet propel himself with this club thing?  We just accepted this as normal.


You knew I couldn't just leave now.  Tracy would not be pleased if I left this thing untied.  Tracy is my genius, talented and hilarious friend from high school. She lives in my head and tells me when I need to insert things.  Sometimes I listen.   

I think I want to escape to the Harry Castle because it is dark and mysterious.  I am sick of color to be quite honest.  I cannot wait to wrap myself in dark browns and blacks for fall. Yeah! That must be it.  NO! I don't want the Harry scarf.  You are so hilarious.  I am also totally into forest green for this fall.  I am going to cake myself in greens.

Crinkly whites.  I bought this Theory dress shirt that is crinkly and well, awesome.  Here is the lineup. Ready.  After this you can sleep.  Ok Alejandros.  Still ready?

Chocolate brown pencil skirts
Crinkly white dress shirts - only Theory will do
Little cute sweaters from LLBean Signature *young bloggers cringing*
Dark brown chocolate heels, Tory Burch *goldie things around the edges. Tight!

Takes my breath away.  Ok, probably my pink jacket Cindy White gave me too.  Oh and my caveman club. CAVE MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUN!

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Devon said...

I forgot about that caveman show! wow!

Too bad I am fashion-less... I live vicariously through you! Hope you'll post a pic of that outfit once you put it all together! Sounds smashing!

Unknown said...

I have been rereading Harry Potter, perhaps to get me in the mood to go back to school next week (I teach high school). And yes please, for Fall and its fashion. I'm heartily sick of summer and bright colors, too!

Sam Harvey said...

@nen - caveman just told me that he loves girls named nen.
@annie - thanks for visiting my insane blog. that is cool that you teach high school. are you gryffindor or slitherin>.

Vix said...

You are the craziest person ever! I wish we could hang out together, I swear we'd do nothing but laugh.
I live in the same town as those twins from Harry Potter, I've never seen the films or read the book but if the weather continues peeing it down, thundering and being constantly shitty I may have to oust the bespetacled one from his castle and bed down for the next six months. xxxxxxxxxx

heather said...

Aww, I love how you have one of your high school friends living in your heard! Don't we all have so many poeple/voices on our shoulders. It's so nice when you know one of them is awesome and you can take or leave the advice as needed :) Happy weekend!

Katy said...

I haven't read or seen the Harry Potter movies...but I know many enjoy them!

Oh my...I forgot about that Captain Caveman cartoon! Hehe, thank you for the flash back. :)

fromthelaundryroom said...
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fromthelaundryroom said...

Love Harry and this is a great post.
Forest Green this fall? Really? Crap, I'm never going to catch up. I'm going for something really zany this! I know...cutting edge.

I'm so glad to hear that after all these years I'm still a voice in your head. It's a fun place to be. I've been a bad blogger and my blog is not happy with me, but I had to check in and read some of your fun.

Finishing my next book, so I'm in a dark cave. Hmm...kind of like caveman. Love you!