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Monday, August 9, 2010

Deliciously Weird Light

I just got back from practicing my serves.  Well at basket number 4 I told myself I just had to let it rip.  Amanda, my coach is telling me my swing needs to be fluid.  I can be fluid.  Now I have a set routine like Nadal. Except I don't go HHHHHHHHUUUGUAHHHH! I simply bounce three times and then put the ball in the triangle part. My toss seems more consistant.  I was standing on the right corner for doubles and the groove I had was just famous. All my serves were about 3' above the net and they were screamers, landing on the serving box line and with a kick.  The light from the yellowish street lamp just outside the dark green chain link seemed to shine brighter.  There was silence even having the rookies in purple shirts playing beside me in the next court. It can be strange when you are at a park at night with swings and basketball courts and there is nobody there.  Amanda says I will be ready to re-join the meetup tennis group in the fall.  She wants me to be all heavy weight champion and come in all bad ass and skilled.   I will be like Agassi when he made his comeback.  My chest will be puffed out and I will definitely be wearing my trademark white head band.

Cosabella tank and youth Target shorts. 

This is why I don't have that french manicure shit.  Being crafty yesterday.   I had to finish the runner for Santuary or I couldn't live with myself.  I must admit it is not perfect but ready for my client to take a look.  If you saw it you would think it looked fine. 

Old Skool.

Bet you never heard of a sleeve booster.  The gray stuff is called horse hair canvas.  It is used to make a firm little bump at the shoulder seam.

I taught myself how to make shoulder pads.  It is like cut and fill in civil engineering. Totally.  There is a natural hollow just below your shoulder on your chest.  Feel it.  This pad fills that in so the coat looks really tight and puffed out like a quail in heat.  Oh yeah, that is Enzo's old dog brush that I used for fraying out the edges so I didn't have this hard edge on my chest.  Details.

 The shoulder is together.  Look how sharp it is. Before this, I thought shoulder pads were just cotton danishes you snapped to the underside of a coat.  There is no going back.  I want all my clothes made with this kind of detail.  I feel so good when I wear my own stuff.  I want to wear this jacket to the airport next time I go to Washington and look bad ass. 

This is the other side I haven't finished yet. See the difference. This side doesn't have the shoulder pad.  It is all shlumpy and sad.

What is going good with you?


Vix said...

I'm totally fascinated by the shoulder pads. That 1940's pink swing coat I have makes a strange noise when I scrunch it up and Mum always said it was horse hair but I imagined real hair rather than the canvas, now I understand. You've enlightened me!
I do hope we get to see you all Agassi-ed up in the headband!!! xxx

I V Y said...

ohh awesome! love shoulder pads :D

heather said...

Ha! You would totally look bad assed in your airport travel (or picking up) jacket! :) I'm here through Melissa, and just have to say I adore your bags!!!

Sam Harvey said...

@vintage, i will do a agassi-ed up post i promise.
@ivy, i just realized that i didn't do the shoulder totally right. i had extra fabric when i was sewing the arm to the arm cycle bodice so i just pressed it but then sherrie my dear sewing friend said she gathers the extra in the shoulder. i have to do it over. will this jacket ever be done!
@heather, thank you for your comments about my sam harvey bags. they are as wonderful as you think they are. really. love your autumn photos from chile i am guessing?

pip a la chic said...

Look at you all hard at work! you have nice legs and arms Lara!! I'm jealous I am not in singlet and shorts :(...soon very soon I will be and you'll be in jumpers and jeans hehehe

fromthelaundryroom said...

Hahahahaha! I've got to see the headband! I'm laughing my ass off!

Sometimes I read your posts and it's like you're right here with me. I love it.

Shoulder pads? No. I can't go back there. They remind me of my mother and the valances she used to put over our windows. Please don't tell me I need to wear shoulder pads. Far too traumatic!