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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

My Brass Babies Have Arrived

SAM HARVEY toggles

SAM HARVEY buckles


SAM HARVEY grommets

SAM HARVEY buckle and clip

I was riding my bike tonight along this dark path sidewalk through the desert.  The moon was full, there were the city lights ahead, dark desert to my left and dry mesquite beans that I target to run over.  Then there was the coyote that I saw creep into the desert.  I rode faster like he was chasing me but in reality the dog could not stand me singing  to The Cure.  I was plugged in with my Ipod and the Bicycle Chase came on from E.T. it is usually a song that I fast forward but tonight it was perfect for how I felt about my hardware finally arriving after waiting what seemed to be an eternity. I ordered the hardware in Janurary!  I feel so lucky right now.  I really do.  I feel like my bike is flying through the air.

Accept I don't have a boogery alien in my bike basket.   In my bike basket I have all my handbag inventory from last year boring blah that I am going to chuck into the forest down below.  Yes, that is right, I dumped all of my inventory last weekend at Salvation Army.  I am starting over.  A fresh look.  I will be updating the website soon.  I will still be making some of the favorites don't worry now.  I will be taking out bags like Mustang which is a dark brown linen bag. Who in the hell wants a dark brown bag.  Boring.  I mean if I do a brown bag it will have sexy hardware and be made out of leather or something.  It won't look like a potholder!  I am excited about adding an orange leather bag for fall.   I am so excited that I have my brass babies now.  Tomorrow I will be cutting out pieces for new bags to sew together.  Mostly, the metallics which are really exciting and fun!  

Onward and upward. 


Vix said...

Don't know where to start with my commenting only to say that The Cure rock my world to this day and the hardware is phenomenal. Can't wait to see your latest creations. xxx

Rebecca said...

you've certainly got a lot of them!!

Devon said...

hahaha.. i'd probably be one of the ones who would choose the boring brown bag! i'm boring like that! :)
ahh... ET.. i can't watch that movie.. it makes me cry! lol