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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Why You Do Me Like You Do?

Where was David Sheflin when I needed him?  He would have really went nuts over these vintage Supremes show attire exhibit. 

Music Experience, you must go.  I cannot cram it all in or I will be up till the wee morning with Lucky Charms.  Here is some goodies for you.  Honestly, I just wanted to finish Catcher in the Rye tonight.


Let's meet here and have a jam session.  Play it like you just don't care!  What instrument are you going to rock when we get there?

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Vintage Vixen said...

I think I've died and gone to heaven! How fabulous are these pieces? We need cocktails and a dressing-up night. It's the tambourine for me, please!
When you've finished Catch In The Rye you have to track down Vernon God Little, another fabulous tale about disaffected American youth (with a bit more humour) xxxx