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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Visiting Vintage Fashion Inc.

I am standing on the floor of Vintage Fashion Inc. in the heart of Phoenix, Arizona.  This Rob't Groberg 1960's shift was the same shift that I spied looking through the store front about a month ago when I posted about Lola.  Can I tell you how refreshing it is to know that this shop owned by David Sheflin is available to me and other fashion junkies.  This place is oozing with authentic fashion couture from the 1950's to the 1990's.

As I was chatting it up with Cathyann, David's retainer, I started to pick up on the simplicity of the floor layout.  The unique metal clothes racks were something from a 1920's movie set.  The color coordinated vintage hanging lovelies were priced at a cool $45.00 to $350.00.   Cathyann was bubbling with historical facts about each piece.Cathyann and I became fast friends when we remembered one another from the days of vintage costome jewelry shop Pizazz at the Biltmore shopping mall where I bought my first Miriam Haskell pieces.  Lesson learned, never wear clip-on Haskell earrings while hiking up Squaw Peak.  Yes, Squaw Peak. 

Zebra print wrap dress, Diane Von  Furstenberg 1970.  Red palazzo pajama with tunic by YSL. Yum.  

Minimal displays, elegent white leather upholstered chairs, and ummm the clothes.  As Cathyann mentioned, "Not everybody is interested in the history, just looking for a nice dress.".

As for me, I felt I had come across a civilization that could speak my language outside of my blogging community.  There was a deep VOLCANIC understanding and excitement inside. 

1970's Gunne Sax

I wanted to try this on, but I needed 6 more inches of tallness.  This dress reminded me of living in Oregon in the late 70's and being with my baby sitter who always made french toast with loads of powdered sugar while listening to Heart singing Barracuda.  Did I mention that Sheflin has movie producers calling him from time for period pieces.   He may have opened shop in November of 2010, but he has been offering his vintage couture and clothing by appointment for the last decade.

One of my favorites, Ceil Chapman, 1950.  Chapman designed several pieces for Marilyn Monroe.

Classic peach dress by Geoffrey Beene.  It has front pockets!

Sheflin is known for collecting vintage fashion since high school.   This white Chinoiserie cabinet had sentimental objects of art such as a photographs, rare fashion books and French perfumes sitting on little boxes that looked like they had been stored for years in a tiny closet on a high shelf in a Parisienne flat. 

Sheflin gives a piece an elegant perch to rest on. 

Just when I think I am getting a grip on fashion houses and labels, David's rare book collection makes me hungry for more.  This book about Peggy Moffitt that lives in the sacred breakfront, is worth another return visit.  David, I promise I will wear white gloves.

Here is Peggy Moffitt in a 1967 vintage zine that is I am guessing is signed by Peggy herself since I saw a photo of Moffitt and Sheflin together in the sacristy, I mean cabinet. 

I did end up buying the spring green shift for a sweet $120.00 and a Peggy Moffitt silk screened Comme des Garcons t-shirt.  I am sure the Goodyear check out clerks could really care less yesterday as I proudly wore it.   You know who was really giving me the once over were a couple teenage girls.  Probably the coolest thing they have seen in a while in these parts. 

Thank you David and Cathyann for your warm hospitality.

Vintage Fashion Inc. Fine couture and vintage clothing.
Tuesday-Saturday 11am-5pm or by appointment
4700 N. Central Avenue Suite 121
Phoenix, Arizona 85012 (480)280-6838


Devon said...

you look great in anything you put on!! that looks like a store i would like to browse... but nothing i would ever buy b/c i wear jeans & tees more than anything else! (plus, the money factor). i'm glad i can live through you though!

Sam Harvey said...

Hi Nen! You would look amazing in that Gunne Sax and you know it! Have a great day my friend!

thais said...

wow! amazing post, history and dresses ;) good weekend to you!

Vix said...

I love this post!!!
That green shift, lady, you look fabulous in it, like a 1960's dollybird. You just need a vintage Mini Cooper to finish the look.
I think I'd die if I saw that Gunne Sax frock in the flesh, it has to be my dream dress.
I'm loving the glass display cabinets - an idea I'm going to have to steal to showcase some of my finds.

Front Row Mode said...

Loving the green dress


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Devon said...

(i am hoping to make some maternity clothes... but my craft room--soon to be baby room--is a disaster! ACK!)

Anonymous said...

i love this!
you've got a great blog, keep it up
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love your inspiration, i'll definitely come visit your blog again!


Viva La Fashion said...

<3 DVF dress. its adorable!! :D

thegirlhassparke said...

I love all those dresses, so gorgeous!