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Wednesday, June 23, 2010


 This post is dedicated to Mom who is living in WASHINGTON right now while I do little lizard pushups on hot sizzly rocks in the convection oven I call home. Letter for this post is "W", so I WENT WITH Frank Lloyd WRIGHT as inspiration.  I want to be with mom in this house by WRIGHT called Falling WATER at Bear Run.  I would love to be on the cantilevered patios hanging over rushing water.  The red is for my architecture professors for their drilling of this image into my head for all time.  Now it would make a nice WALL HANGING. 

Mom and I are having tea on this WET WATERSHED WALKWAY.  WE WANDER around and WING it to Rufus Wainwright. The air is moist and the smell of the WALDORF salad that we are about to eat is WONDERFUL.  WARDROBE  you say?  I thought you would never ask.  Aren't you happy that I came prepared?  Are you out there?

I love this Sunday School look that I am spying in View.  The scalloped edges and wide trims are nothing new but taking classic to a more etsy craftly meets Hello Kitty makes me want to spend my WAMPUM. I feel a bag inspiration coming. 

I especially want to put this demure collar on my bed side table and give it a kiss before I go to sleep tonight.

I settled for packing Prada for this trip. Screw the "W" for fashion on this post.  It has to be those stockings and heeled patent leather heels so I don't get cold.  This is what I WILL WALLPAPER myself in.  The color would look like shit on me but I could make it work in a gray.  

This bit 'o honey coat I will wear when Mom and I go WANDERING through the forest before it gets dark. We think the carmel color looks so pretty up against the red lazer tag splotches.

Mom can wear this knitted dress.  She won't need a jacket because she will be so native and warm in the forest chillness.  The bag is wonderful.  It is a heavy knit cable made into a bag that you could use as a pillow.  The red shoes are so Italian and sexy.  I think if there was any additional red it would be ruined.  Not even red lipstick. Restraint.

Even if Mom still lived just a few paces from me I wouldn't go over to see her on a Thursday night.  Just knowing that her big heart is beating far away is a little weird for me.  My brother Erik is with her for another week to help her settle her new nest. 

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Devon said...

I must've missed the post about your mom moving! :(

Falling Water isn't too far from me! I've never been there... but I should go! I think our Art Class in high school used to take a trip there every year, but I home schooled my last 2 yrs so I never got the chance!

Michelle @ Twig said...

you have a gift for writing and for words did you know that!

Katy said...

I have been to Falling Water! It's a really neat house to be in! We took a tour on an art trip in high school! :) I love how the tree grows through the house!

Silvia Couture said...

love reading your posts and I always hear about the falling water I want to go!

thais said...

I miss being around my mom as well. and she is in brazil, so that is far. great writing ;)

Vix said...

Enjoy your trip! Loving the wardrobe plans, too.
I lost my mum a few weeks ago, treasure evry moment you get to spend together.

Sam Harvey said...

i am going to go visit my mom sometime in july. it will be too much fun! there is no way i will have my jacket done in time though.