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Monday, May 10, 2010

Mr. Dave Secretly Loves Lanvin - You Devil!

Today is the letter "L" day.  Letters. I pass by this sign everyday it seems.

This is Mr. Dave, aka "the jack of all trades guy" at my Eva Lily's school.  L is for letters.  He loves his letters ay?

Lola Coffee House in Phoenix, Arizona.

This is where Jeffrey and I hung out yesterday while the kids were at Talmud Torah.  This little red book above was full of interesting quotes and drawings.  Most of the quotes were written by people with Gandolf's Lord of the Rings ring tone.

Me wearing camo and my gauzy fleshy skirt. Later that day Brian's new puppy Ruby decided to rip a hole in!  It's a good thing that Ruby Duby Shuby is cute like that!  I like Lola's.  It is clean, mint green bar stool cushions are very cool and the coffee is STRONG.

Jeffrey was sitting on the North side.  If you are an architect like me you can throw those kind of references.  Jeffrey was impressed by the strong quality of the iced mocha.

Condiment bar at Lola's.  Isn't this so neat and chic?  If I was a bowl of sure, I would hang out here for sugar!  Like how I did that? Quality.

Langston Hughes Library, Clinton, Tennessee Maya Lin Architect, Phaidon Atlas

Can I get a couple of yeeeehaws for coming up with all these L's!  Give it up for L! The best names start with L...

Look at those logs! That's all I need right now are those logs floating in space with the glazing behind it.  Maya is teasing us with those logs. They are not holding anything up. Just for fun.  They look like a gift for the eyes the way they are evenly spaced.  Would she get pissed off if I left some In and Out cheese burger on top of the log.  With a bite in it too.

My Phaidon Atlas is so big I could use it for a coffee table. Hell, maybe a dining table for cats. I should get snaps just for heaving it onto my scanner for you all.

Light Bright, Eva Serbin, artist

This is page 263 Figure 23 from Lanvin. Gouache rendering of "Fusee", 1939.  Strapless evening dress with full cartridge pleated skirt.  Chiffon cording looped upon itself was used to embellish one plume on the bodice and one on the skirt, both on the right side.

This is really my style right here.  I know I try to do camo and all that but if you had to throw me into a fashion elevator it would be with Lanvin.  I want to find the Golden Ticket to Lanvin and ride in her glass elevator and then get the keys to the factory and my whole family can live in the Lanvin estate.


It's detail like this that makes me walk through a department store with more restraint these days.  I went to Macy's yesterday and didn't really see anything I liked.  I like the clothes that I make the best.  Look at this chiffon cording! 

Lanvin, Dean Merceron

I love the bow in the back.  I really could have scanned every page of my Lanvin book for you. I know you need to go wack your hedges so I kept it brief.  Let's get back to the bow.  Look how the ends of the bow are sewn down at the bottom of the pencil skirt. Oh what an embellished tuckus!

What is that I hear?  You want more Lanvin?  You are a vixen!

Is this hot or what?  It is all about those torchered details.  I wonder if Lanvin's sewers ever tied concrete weights to their feet and found a high bridge. OK, I will stop. I am making fried chicken for you. Yes, totally right now double tasking. Do you love it or what!  Love is in the L.


Micaela said...

by far my favorite letter!!!! YEEEEEEHAW!!! :)

i want to go to "lola's" with you!!! My brother lives in AZ, so when he gets back from Iraq safely (cos he will!) we'll have to meet up ;)

i adore the photo of you at lola's.

Love is indeed in the "L"!

Red Boots said...

That coffee shop looks so cute!


ps: no, sadly it's not my front door - it's a house I pass everyday on the bus. I love that house - one day it will be mine!!

Clara Campelo said...

lovely blog!

Devon said...

The only synonym I could find for how creative you are (that starts with an "L")... is "Leading-Edge"! It's all I've got! Seems appropriate enough!

pip a la chic said...

Love is in the L! I love it lovely lady!