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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Last S'more

Here I am tanning at the watering hole this afternoon.  I am Goaty, I am on leave from Boston for an undetermined leave of absense.  I haven't given that much thought until now.  My dearest Jani did not specify when my return UPS journey would occur.  Hope she reads this.  Jani, I do love the time away, but you really underpacked for my sojourn. All I have is this draw string tunic and evergreen cotton pants.  What to do...

I am still fascinated over the irrelevent causes for excitement that pulses from Lara, my current keeper.  She was holding this roll of cheap chain in adoration today.  It is possible I had some influence in this purchase.   I am responsible for explaining how Gabrielle Chanel used to sew chains at the hem line of her distinct jackets for an even hang.

Couture Sewing Techniques, Claire B. Shaeffer, page 183

Note the chain detail here on the inside lining of the coat.  I am sure you will be hearing much more about Chanelisms when Lara returns to the blog. 

Before the pool, I indicated that she needed to shrink the military green fabric so it is pre-shrunk and ready for sewing.

We decided to shrink the silk lining as well.  It is beautiful isn't it?

Wet silk in the desert.  I was amazed at what a short 10 minutes it took for this to dry in the 106 degree afternoon sun.  Back home Jani would have to leave this out for a couple of hours.  Lara was telling me how she wants to wear this jacket in Washington state when she visits her mother and Rick.  You do know about her mother who has packed and is moving next week didn't you?

Well somebody needs to inform you.  Right now, Lara is busy putting out the fire in the fire pit after making s'mores for the last supper as she phrased it.  Yes, that's right, she built a fire while it was 106 degrees outside.  Tonight signified the last supper, the last neighborly dinner she would have with her parents being her neighbors.  From here on out, having dinner with them will mean booking airfare.  No more skipping through the desert to borrow some milk or have tea with Chris.  Such a symbiotic relationship between 2 families.  

I am becoming aware that my western caregiver is showing signs of having "Saying Good-bye" issues.   It makes sense that she hasn't told you yet.  Of course she would wait until the facts were obvious.  Lara has simply buried her emotions.  Lara has never had this kind of distance from her mother.  I can see that Lara doesn't really enjoy saying goodbye to anyone.  It is really not so difficult.

Luckily, I brought with me Vogue's Book of Etiquette from Boston.  While Lara drank her afternoon green tea, I read her Chapter 1, Manners in General, with special emphasis on Saying Good-bye.  It is quite ironic that her Mother-in-Law should call her this evening out of the blue, and remind her that "Saying Good-bye" is important.

When a man and woman are together, the woman should always make the first move toward departure.

It is courteous to add some remark as, "I enjoyed meeting you so much," or "I hope we will meet again soon."

Pro-longed good-byes are both inconsiderate and boring.  One should leave fairly promptly, although never brusquely, after making the first remark such as "We must be going along...".

When saying good-bye, men and women rise as they do when being introduced.

Vogue's Book of Etiquette, Simon and Schuster 1969.

I know, a little outdated but real style never fades.

Lara making s'mores.

Eva eats a gooey one!

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