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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Quixote Quietly Rubbed Quinoline on His Quadriceps

I know this is still P for Prada but I kind of forgot to add this on the last P post.  This photo is the most inspiring thing I can think of right at this moment.  I so want these sweet frames.  They are so quirky and crazy QUAINT.  You can use that QUOTE if you want.  QUAINT: unusual or different in character or appearance.

These frames that I bought from Target last night are the closest I am getting to Prada at this moment in time.  A sweet 16 bucks.  I really love these frames.  I am wearing my night gown too.  I look like the Prada girl, but in my very humble opinion, mo betta!  Tracy, if you are reading this... Do you remember when we used to make our own lipstick by mixing eye shadow with lip gloss. I had to do it today because I couldn't find my damn coral lip stick.  Must have fallen into the QUICK SAND during the QUAKE.

I also smelled like Donald Trump for this photo and later during tennis.  Well then I smelled like a sweaty high roller at the jack black table in Vegas.  I bought Pinaud after reading in the New York Times zine that powdery bed hair is the thing now.  It does work pretty well.  Well enough if you want to smell like an old man!

A little snap of my inspiration board in my sewing room.  I finally cut out my muslin for my tweed jacket today, see it there on the bottom?  Next I will have to do some QUALITY CONTROL and sew the muslin together to make sure this jacket will fit.  This is not a QUICK task.  Also spoke with Lisa Helfant at IAS and the SAM HARVEY handbag hardware pieces are complete!  All 5,000 pieces!  I wonder if each one is going to be wrapped individually or I will just open up boxes with a mess of shining hardware that I can snap QUICK for you to see.  Just a little overwhelmed right now!

 Aunt Jan who lives in Boston sent this care package to us.  She sent these folk art figures a.k.a. Goaty and Catty to stay for the summer in Goodyear.  Two years ago, we spent the Fourth of July with Jan in Boston.  Jan had these figures up high on shelves but the girls spotted them right away and became attached to Goaty and Catty.    

Why is Q so dependent on U?


jozen said...

oohhh! love your inspiration board!!

fromthelaundryroom said...

I so remember making our own lipstick. We rocked!! I've just discovered that my entire office is one big inspiration board. Now I know what to call it.
Why is Q so dependent on U? Hmm...
Maybe Q is co-dependent and feels like she's an O, but with a weird little tail. That's it...Q is weird and does not fit in, so she attaches herself to U, a more popular letter...a vowel even, and that makes Q feel better about herself. Q has issues and can't be alone. Quite a Quagmire. Hahaha! Just Quacked Myself Up!
Great post by the way...I dig the piggies!

danielle and dinosaur toes said...

i get most of my sunnies from target, too. they have lots to choose from, and the price is right!

don't you love getting care packages? that's one of my favorite things to come out of blogging is the surprise packages i receive from time to time!

Nen said...

love the glasses... both!

here's my Q word for ya that doesn't require a U:

qi - the circulating life energy that in Chinese philosophy is thought to be inherent in all things; in traditional Chinese medicine the balance of negative and positive forms in the body is believed to be essential for good health

Emilie said...

Love it!