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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I Wonder What Pablo Picasso Would Do with Post-its?

Picasso, Seated Bather, Paris, 1930. Oil on canvas. Museum of Modern Art, New York.

This painting makes me think of plain Greek yogurt.  It is raw, thick and tangy.  It is about 100-95 degrees here in the desert, so it is already summer to me.  It seems pretty obvious that Picasso was very much inspired by days spent by the ocean.  This would be my PERFECT day:  I play tennis with Amanda and I am all salty and sweaty.  I run to the beach and jump into the ocean and body surf for about an hour.  I wash up.  I eat a grapefruit from Cynthia's tree.  I sew.  My sewing machine would be under a hut with white gauzy curtains blowing in the wind.  Totally.


I wonder what Pablo Picasso would do with Post-its?  Isn't this size too cute.  Next 3M will come up with a Post-it the size of my second toe nail.  If you know me, then you know that my second toe is really creepy. E.T. phone home.  I am going to keep one in my car so I can remember all my cool ideas.  Not my toe, the Post-it. Gawd! 

PINK cake sitting on a napkin that looks PICNIC-ISH.  Yes, I made the cake with real butter cream icing. Special assistance by Eva and Lily of course!

I PICKED out more fabric at Mood Fabrics in Los Angeles last week.  It only took me 30 minutes.  I loved knowing what I was shopping for.  I only had like 6 hours in the car and 2 years to figure out what I needed.  Two years ago, I didn't know about color like I do now.  I bought all the wrong stuff last trip.  Not this time.  In and out. Tim Gunn would have been pleased.  OH, you want to see what I bought?  No way!  That would spoil all the fun! 


Trina Turk bathing suit *like you can really see it*, turquoise necklace made by me and View swimming goggles in my favorite turquoise color.  I made a surprise visit to the pool today while the kids were there with their fellow Summer Campers.  Eva saw me, came up to say hi and then said BUH BIGH.  Lily was running around going down the water slides.  I met her on top of the slides to surprise her.  Before I went down the dark tunnel slide she made me pinky promise that I would scream "THIS IS RADICAL!" while going down.

 I am up to P now. For those who live in a cave or new to my blog, I have been posting with the alphabet. Each blog has been focused around things that inspire me that start with A, B, C etc.  Just look at the oldies yah know! Hey kids, for those that are up to date then I want to say thanks for stopping by.

What would be a perfect day for you?


fromthelaundryroom said...

You are the only person I know...the only person...that can wear beads in the pool and make it look absolutely effortless. Great pictures and such a "you" perfect day. Perfect day, let's see...
desert rain, walk with the family (no umbrellas, just slickers), a book, hot cup of tea, Chris Botti, and nowhere to be. Come on Monsoons!

Susan said...

Looks like a wonderful day- those pics are beautiful! xx

Orphin Lasz said...

That cake looks absolutely delicious! I-want-ONE-NOW! ; n ;

You must be a great cook!

~ Orphin's Domains ~