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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Relax, Rewind and Return, My Little Chinchilla

Pink chinchilla and silk satin "tuxedo" jacket, fall/winter 2006, Ralph Rucci

I am going to get my keyboard sweaty with salt right now.  You know I blog best after my tennis session with Amanda. Man she really helped me.  Let's start by saying I need to RELAX my frickin grip.   I want to be so good.  As good as this chinchilla jacket.  OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH my gawd! This is what I am talking about.  All we need is a little Vivaldi and RUCCI.  Only the best for you my friend. I like RUCCI because he is in a class all his own.  He is about simplicity and grace. Rucci only designs with haute couture in mind.  His garments are the most expensive garments in the world right now.  You could say hmmmm, should I buy this new Prius or this wool crepe coat? Decisions. 

Button details, pieced black wool crepe coat, haute couture fall/winter 2004, Ralph Rucci

I actually saw this button detail up close.  I breathed on it.  These buttons are all operable.  Think of the Victorian wedding gowns that buttoned all the way down the back.  In our modern world most wedding gowns have the buttons going down but they are not operable because there is a zipper.   The grooms got involved with the design. You might get that later.  If you were stuck in an elevator for 5 hours or on a Greyhound bus with nothing to do you could literally unbutton this whole coat in pieces. 

Cathedral, 1947 Enamel and aluminum paint on canvas, 71"x35", Jackson Pollock

Jackson Pollock, Kirk Varnedoe with Pepe Karmel

"Twombly Swan" cotton gazar evening dress inspired by Cy Twombly, Ralph Rucci

Rucci, I know you were inspired by Twombly here but I see some Pollock too.  This is why I love Rucci.  These stitches look RANDOM, but they are carefully executed with delicate sequins.  I would make something like this.  I adore Pollock.  Ok, I really need to take a shower, honestly. My elbows are sticking to this here leather Il Bisonte desk mat.  If you don't have a leather desk mat you should get one.  You will REALLY be living.

See now, that was easy.  I want my forehand and backhand strokes to be delicate and hard to return like Rucci's garments.


fromthelaundryroom said...

I love your blog because it is an education for me. I'm interested and that does not happen too often. I love Jackson Pollock and now I can see his influence in a pretty fab dress. Brilliant!'re crazy funny which I like too. By the way, I got the wedding dress comment...dirty girl!

Vintage Vixen said...

Definately the coat over a Prius, mind you I can't drive so what do I know.
The frock's definately Pollock-esque, very gorgeous indeed.

Anonymous said...

these items are really fresh, never seen anything like them before, love it!