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Saturday, June 12, 2010

My Slide Projector is Stuck. Damn It All!~

This is me taking a photo of a slide from my slide projector.  Yes, there I was in my dark hallway, just me and the ray of artificial light and the shutta sha kink dunka shink sound of the projector everytime I pressed the forward button.  So I took a digital photo with my camera of my vision on the wall. Neato.  I left the black edges.  This is what images look like in my dreams. Kind of colorless in the center and gently fading out to black around the edges.  Men wearing pastel yellow socks with plastic loafers that are splitting open at the seams... What symbolic message could that be?

This image is of Val Verde Estate in Montecito California.  This was taken so long ago that I was using slide film.  Think your Kodak One-Step camera is cool, well check out my projector.  I am using Val Verde for inspiration for a landscape design project I was tinkering with last week.

Val Verde Estate

I didn't tuck my shirt.  Now you know I was taking pictures of slides projected on my hallway.  I love this magical hedge intersection.  Good place to tell someone a SECRET.  The 'S' blog is here upon you.  Oh and the SUCCULENTS are good at not SAVING SPACE.

Val Verde Estate

Medusa SUCCLENT. Knarly cool.

SUCCULENTS are softy green and cute.

Val Verde Estate

If you are going to have a pathway do it like this one.  Barely able to track.  Arrange the brick at a 45 degree angles with different SIZES of brick.  SO SPRORATIC of me.

Val Verde Estate

This idea of SECURING abalone SHELLS on the SURFACE of a pool edge is beyond comprehension cool.  It is definitely not SOFT but SYMBOLIC of the SEA life that is not so far from Montecito. 

The Best of Eddie Fisher, Lady of Spain, 1965 w/ Stella Mccartney Resort 2010

Let's hop in our time machine and travel to 1965 at one of Lilly Pulitzer pool parties where this song would be playing.  I will be wearing this STELLA Mccartney gingham dress.   Everybody ready... 1...2...3 STEEEEEELLLLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!  What are you going to wear?

I will have a grapefruit-ish size bun on the top of my head too. Lilly Pulitzer's hair buns were mediocre but her Barbie version bun is off the charts. 

Essentially Lilly, A Guide to Colorful Entertaining, Pulitzer and Mulvaney, Page 14.

It's a good thing Lilly didn't add sharp edged SHELLS to the edge of her pool.  The guy doing an armpit hang looks happily hammered.  That would have been great for "H".  Oh, there is Lilly Pulitzer with the long hair.  Really!

Some SKETCHY STUFF I did.  Utlimate pool detail.  I want lots of level changes so there is privacy for the people having SANGRIA at the table wearing SOLUMBRA.  All the femmes have Lilly hair buns.

SPECIAL thanks to Jeffrey who figuered out how to convert  The Best of Eddie Fisher from turn table to mp3, then the mp3 to a video and then create an icon on blogger to post Lady of SPAIN for you!


you wanna see the gingham dress up close.  ok.

i should grow my hair out too. hmmm.


fromthelaundryroom said...

Lady of Spain!! I love that song and while I'm not a pool party girl and Lilly's colors make me a little dizzy, I think I want to wear something green or orange. Yeah, maybe like one of those muumuu things with the tie in the front... I'm diggin the bun, so I want one too, some really cool shades and that pearly pale lipstick. I'll have a Mai Tai and the hammered guy in the pool is my 4th husband. Fabulous post! Took me somewhere, which you know I love. One more thing, that gingham dress...really? I will never understand fashion.

Ellen said...

very jealous of your slide projector, and your dreams too if they look as lovely as that.

beautiful photographs, what camera do you use?

Ellen at The Raven and the Cellar Door